The Green Market – Winter Edition 2018

On the weekend of November 23/24, 2018 I have been on my second The Green Market – Winter Edition.

I find the idea behind the market excellent. There is so much to discover and see all around a vegan lifestyle. You have clothes, vegan cosmetics, sustainable dishes and other stuff and of course there is lots of food. Since the latter one is my big passion this is the most important to me.

The food displayed can either be tasted at spot and afterwards you can take some home with you if you like it. The other option is the food that is cooked and ready to eat which is presentes in street food style with food trucks in the outdoor area. The weather was rather favorable for that. It was covered but dry with temperatures in the lower single digit region.

For me it was lunch time when I was there but I tried to back off. ūüôā I wanted to try something that I did not know yet. I have chosen the flatbread “Kabatschok” from Veganost from Sohland/Spree. That was my main course. For dessert I had one of the fantastic vegan donuts from Brammibal’s Donuts from Berlin. I have chosen a Chocolate Coconut Macaroon. By the way, both dishes were delicious.

The Green Market 2018 Veganost Kabatschok
The Green Market 2018 Brammibals donuts

When I made my way home at about 4:00 pm, the queue at the cash register was already very long. The Green Market Winter Edition 2018 was apparently a great success again. By the way, the market celebrated its 4th birthday. It has its fix place in the Berlin event calendar.


As far as the location is concerned, the organizers of The Green Market have probably not found the optimum. In 2017, the Winter Edition took place at the Funkhaus in Nalepastrasse. There was a lot of space, as you can see on the following photo, but it was so cold that I had to stop my visit after a relatively short time. There was a lot of space for the exhibitors. In front of one or the other stand it was crowded because of the great interest. But it was easy to pass by and there was no jam.

Most of the food trucks were outside in front of Funkhaus. Inside was, for example, the coffee Bulli and also some stalls which offered food and drinks. There were long rows of tables where you could eat and drink in a relaxed atmosphere.

This time, 2018, Alte M√ľnze was the venue. Actually a really cool location. Very centrally located near Alexanderplatz. Inside it was pleasantly warm this time. The interior was split over two floors and there was also a play area for children. In the courtyard was, as I said, the street food market. So far everything was fine.
As you can see on the following photo, the stalls on the first floor had a hard time. The space between the ranks was so tight that you almost could not get through. I would be interested to know what the exhibitors said.

Review – The Green Market Winter Edition 2017

Although it was freezing cold in the hall, I have been to two very nice cooking shows. One by Lea Green, who made the mousse au chocolat from her current cookbook based on black beans for us. Tasting included. The second show was by Vminh, who is at home in the raw food kitchen. After a short talk about raw food, we prepared a winter smoothie with kale, spinach, parsley, avocado, pears, oranges, dates, ginger, turmeric and a pinch of pepper. Of course we were also allowed to taste this creation.

The Green Market Winteredition 2017 - Kochshow mit Lea Green
The Green Market Winteredition 2017 - Kochshow mit Vminh

In addition to the two cooking shows I had, for example, nice conversations with the representatives of Berlin-Vegan and Greenpeace Energy. Another culinary highlight was the raw food cake of Juliana Tar, who was at The Green Market with her beautiful and damn delicious creations (see photos above).


The date for the next Green Market you’ll find at the link below. There are two markets every year. In 2018, the summer edition took place in June and the winter edition in November.

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