I like going to Dolores when it has to go fast or I’m not in the mood for cooking. They offer California style burritos, but also quesadillas, tacos, soups and salads. We’ll come to that later. There are two Dolores restaurants in Berlin. Both are centrally located, right near Alexanderplatz and directly at Wittenbergplatz.

The origin

Dolores wallpaper - Mission Dolores
The walls and tables at Dolores are covered with the map of Mission District in San Francisco. California is obviously the origin of its kitchen, which is therefore called calimex – in reference to the well-known texmex. Dolores Mission with Dolores Church is located in Mission District and is said to be the oldest surviving building in San Francisco. Also named after Dolores is a park, a road and many more things.

The food

Now lets get to the most important thing, the food. We have already seen where the origin of the kitchen of Dolores lies and the Mexican and Californian influences coming along whit that.

Everything is freshly prepared at Dolores. Either directly in front of the guest or, as for example, the soup, every day in the kitchen in the back. Therefore it may happen that the soup is sold out. The food in general is healthy and very delicious too.

How does it work?

The first variant: You put your own meal together in a modular system. If you feel a bit overwhelmed at the beginning, no problem. The nice staff behind the counter is happy to help you.

Dolores Menu - Construction kitDolores Menu - Construction kit

Or you go to variant 2.

The second variant: You fall back on the given dishes. Vegan, vegetarian and chicken, beef or pork versions are available.

Another option, you can have your dish prepared as a bowl instead of a burrito. In that case you don’t get your food wrapped in a wheat tortilla (also available in wholegrain), but served in a bowl with home-made corn chips instead.

Even with the given variants, the people at Dolores are super flexible. Special wishes? No problem. Just say what you want or don’t want!

With the Quesadillas one can optionally choose something from the bbq menu. They get grilled to make the cheese melt and served with the salsa of your choice. Soft Tacos are small corn tortillas filled to your choice and served in a triple pack. In addition you get sour cream and your preferred salsa.

The Dolores salad is very special. Here lettuce, zucchini cubes and the mild tomato salsa are put on a rice bed. Normally you get the house mix of grated cheese over it and the dressing of your choice. Along with that comes a portion of corn chips.

What do I like most?

Dolores Vegan Lover Bowl and freshly squeezed juice
My favorite is the “Vegan Lover”, which I like to take as a bowl. The ingredients for this are smoked corn soy meat, guacamole, smoky peanut salsa, mexican super rice, black beans, fajita veggies and iceberg lettuce. The freshly squeezed juice, including red beets and ginger, I can also highly recommend.

In addition, they have some very delicious lemonades – lately I had the currant-hibiscus one – and of course beer and other drinks.

The style

Dolores sign
The store is very relaxed, the audience is quite young. Although everything is open you do not feel like you’re in a station concourse. The colors are dominated by earth tones, for example red tiles and untreated wood. Walls are largely papered with the already mentioned maps of the Mission District and table tops also have excerpts from the map of San Francisco. In the background plays cool music.

Have you ever been to Dolores? If yes, feel free to leave a comment on your experience.

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Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 11.30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. (Status 06/2020, check out their website for updates)

Website: www.dolores-online.de


Address: Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 7, 10178 Berlin

Phone: 030 280 995 97


Address: Bayreuther Straße 36, 10789 Berlin

Phone: 030 548 215 90