In times when you can’t leave the house, delivery services are a fine thing. Here you get an overview of the most important delivery service providers in Graz. What is the minimum order value, is there a delivery fee, can you order by using an app and so on?

Afterwards you will find some Graz restaurants where you can order your food via a delivery service. All have been tested and you get tips and recommendations. If your favorite place is not there and you would like to share it with us, please leave a comment below! We all benefit from this. Thank you.

Table of Contents

Lieferando – The biggest delivery service in Graz

Lieferservice Graz - Lieferando Fahrer Murgasse
One of the largest delivery service providers in Austria, which is doing business in several cities, is called Lieferando. And this food delivery service is not only to be found in Austria, it is also one of the largest in Germany. Lieferando is also active in other European countries under various names.

Fortunately for non German speaking people their services are also available in several other languages including English of course.

In Graz, as far as I’ve seen, the drivers whiz around with e-bikes. Both the bicycles and the backpacks are orange and therefore easy to recognize. As you can also see in the picture.

What Lieferando is offering

The size is also reflected in the offer. With Lieferando you can order your food in up to more than 200 restaurants in Graz, depending on your location. It is the absolute largest delivery service in Graz and really covers everything. You will find anything from burgers to Asian to down-to-earth Styrian cuisine. For sure, you will know many of the restaurants, but Lieferando also gives you the opportunity to discover new restaurants.


Speaking of new restaurants. So that you don’t buy a pig in a poke, Lieferando has ratings that are expressed in the form of 0 to 5 stars. Anyone who orders will then be asked by email to evaluate their order. This includes the delivery, on the one hand, which is what Lieferando capes on, and the food, on the other hand, which is up to the restaurant. Through the comments, you can get an idea of how an unknown restaurant should be rated.

If you rate yourself, you can decide whether you want to remain anonymous or your name appears. So you have a choice. And the more reviews a restaurant has, the more accurate the picture will be. So join in! Because every restaurant can have a bad day, but if hundreds of reviews turn out to be bad, it can no longer be a coincidence. This is also valuable feedback for the restaurants. I assume that all of them want to improve.

How you order from Lieferando

The size and international experience can also be seen in the look and feel of the website and the app (more on this below). On the homepage of the* website, you first enter your address. You will then be shown a list of all restaurants that can supply you.

There are predefined filter options to make your selection easier. The most important function here is filtering according to kitchen or food. That means you filter for example by Italian, Indian or Greek or by burger, pizza or schnitzel. Other important filter options are minimum order value, delivery costs, rating and product price. Finally, you can sort the list by rating, distance or delivery time.

If you are looking for a special restaurant, you can do that using a search box.

At the respective restaurant, you will immediately be shown how long the estimated delivery time is, how much the delivery costs and what the minimum order value is. More on that later.

Once you have selected a restaurant, you will get to the menu. Here you click on the desired dishes to put them in the shopping cart. There may be additional options that you can choose. As soon as you have reached the minimum order value, you can click the order button. On the next page you’ll have to enter your contact details . This does not apply if you have already created a user account and you are logged in. In any case, you still have to select the desired payment method.

Now you click on “Oder and pay” and the delivery starts.

Lieferando Restaurant Overview

Minimum Order Amount

This information is shown for all restaurants in your list directly next to the shopping bag symbol. The minimum order value starts at 10 euros, only a few restaurants are below. On the one hand, you can filter according to the minimum order value (No preference, € 10 and less and € 15 and less). On the other hand, you can sort in ascending order.

Tip from me! If the minimum order value at your desired restaurant is too high, simply order two meals. That means, order something that you can eat later. This will also save you a second delivery fee if applicable.

Delivery costs and prices

In the displayed restaurant list you can immediately see how high the delivery fee is. Next to the bicycle symbol, you can see whether the delivery service in Graz is free or how much it costs. Here, too, you have the option of setting filters (no preference, free, under € 1 and under € 2.50) as well es sorting the list in ascending order.

As far as the prices of the dishes are concerned, Lieferando guarantees that you pay as much as if you order directly from the restaurant. The following filter options are available for product prices: €, €€, €€€, so to speak, cheap, medium priced and expensive.

Loyalty points and stamp cards

Loyalty points are points that you collect with every order from Lieferando. You get 10 loyalty points per order via the website and 15 via the app. You can redeem them in the loyalty shop for vouchers, non-cash prizes and discounts. Basically, this only works if you have a user account and are logged in.

Certain restaurants offer stamp cards. According to the website, you have to have subscribed to the Lieferando newsletter. With the stamp card program, Lieferando puts aside 10% of your final amount for a discount after each order. After the fifth order in the same restaurant, they release the total discount as a voucher. This voucher is valid for 3 months after receipt and can only be redeemed at the restaurant where you previously ordered.

Delivery time and pre-order

The expected delivery time is always shown in the list of restaurants next to a clock symbol. In my experience, this is usually correct. Fortunately, I have only seen the order delivered earlier than indicated.

Lieferservice Graz - Food Tracking Lieferando
What stands out with Lieferando is the tracking of the delivery – the so-called “Food Tracking“. After the order has been placed, a page opens where you can track the delivery. On it you will see a map and the estimated time, which is displayed like a countdown. As soon as the driver has set off, you can also follow his route on the map shown.

Lieferando offers the possibility of pre-ordering for the same day in 15-minute intervals. Before you choose the payment method and click on “order and pay”, you can choose a desired time when your food should be delivered. By default, “As soon as possible” is set, which then results from the previously discussed delivery time.

Payment options

  • Cash payment possible at the delivery driver
  • EC and credit card at the front door – only applies to specially marked restaurants. The delivery driver then has a mobile device with him.

The following online payment methods are available for contactless delivery.

  • Paypal
  • Klarna – You will be redirected to your online banking and make an immediate transfer
  • EPS – Only possible if EPS is supported by your bank
  • Credit card – online payment by card (AmEx, Visa, Mastercard)
  • Bitcoin

Lieferando App

Lieferando App Restaurantübersicht
The functions of the app are basically the same as the website. After you have entered the location or it has been taken from your account data, you will get to the restaurant overview. As you can see in the picture, you also have filter options for kitchen or dishes in the app. At the bottom left you can switch between delivery and pickup. Next to it you open the other filter functions and the pin symbol enables you to search the map. Finally, you can use the magnifying glass icon to search for restaurant names.

Lieferando App Menu
When you tap the three lines in the top left, the user account opens (see picture). I think, all the points you see there are self-explanatory.

The check-out process is the same as in the web version. You have the exact delivery location, the option to choose a desired time and also the various payment options.

As soon as you have pushed the button “order and pay”, the food tracker opens. Here, the estimated delivery time is displayed again and as soon as the delivery driver starts moving, you can follow his journey to you. This also works the same as in the web version.

Here you can download the Lieferando app for Android phones on Google Play or for the iPhone in the App Store.

Lieferando Info


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Velofood – values sustainability

Lieferservice Graz - Velofood Fahrer
Velofood was founded in Graz in July 2016 and has so far only operated here. It is a delivery service that supplies its customers with dishes from over 60 selected restaurants in Graz. The food is always packaged biodegradable and the delivery is quickly and reliably delivered by bike to the address given.

Unfortunately for those who don’t speak German the Velofood website isn’t available in any other language. Using Google Chrome browser might be for help.

The deliverers are only on bicycles, which means that the delivery does not release a gram of CO² into the atmosphere. To underline sustainability, the homepage shows how many resources have been saved since inception compared to delivery by car and the use of plastic packaging.

The Velofood offer

Since Velofood only works with selected restaurants, the number is somewhat more manageable. If my research is correct, the Velofood delivery service is currently bringing food from around 80 restaurants to your home. The number that comes into question for you depends, of course, on your location.

The offer is wide and ranges from Asian to Austrian and from bowls to sushi. Well-known restaurants such as Freigeist, Taj Mahal, Fontana di Trevi and many more.


Velofood also has its deliveries and restaurants rated. The restaurant rating can be seen directly in the search result. It also ranges from 0 to 5 stars. The number of reviews that have already been submitted is shown in brackets.

To look at the individual reviews and read the comments, you have to do the following: You click on the restaurant picture (see following photo). The menu appears. In the title picture in the top right corner you will find an “i” for info. If you click on it, a window with information appears. Now you have to click on “Reviews”, then you can read them. Pretty hidden, I have to say.

Delivery service Graz - Velofood restaurant overview

How do you order from Velofood?

The website is basically very user-friendly. As with Lieferando, enter your address on the homepage. If you have an account, you can of course log in before that and your address will be taken over automatically. On the next page the list of restaurants from which you are supplied appears (see example photo above).

Velofood relies on pictures. Each restaurant has a cover picture, including the name, the cuisine and the most important dish(es).

Above the list of restaurants you will find the number of restaurants found on the left. You can use the search field to the right to enter any search term you want, whether it’s a special dish or the name of a restaurant. There is a filter function on the right. In contrast to Lieferando, you can only filter according to given terms such as kitchens, dishes or vegetarian. Filtering by delivery time, rating, etc. isn’t possible. However, since the number of restaurants is smaller, this is not so important.

As already mentioned, the rating is displayed in the restaurant overview. You will also see the estimated delivery time.

If you click on your chosen restaurant, the menu appears and you can start putting together your order. If you have not yet reached the minimum order value, you will be shown the remaining gap. The delivery costs are fixed at Velofood at € 2.90.

If you have reached the minimum order value, you can continue by clicking on “Checkout” (German: “Zur Kassa”). If you are not already registered, you must enter the delivery address and contact details here. You can also choose your preferred date and payment method. Leaving comments for the restaurant (eg special requests) and for Velofood is also possible.

Delivery service Graz - Order tracking Velofood

Minimum order value

The minimum order value for Velofood is generally € 14. Like the delivery costs this is the same for all restaurants.

I can only give you the following tip again. Order either for multiple people or multiple meals. This way you will reach the minimum order value and the delivery costs will only be incurred once, no matter how much you order.

Delivery costs and prices

As already mentioned, the delivery costs are the same for all restaurants and will cost you € 2.90.

Velofood does not make any special statements regarding the prices. It is also not possible to filter by price category.

Delivery time and pre-orders

As already described, you will find the expected delivery time in the restaurant overview in the title picture of the restaurant.

On the check-out page you can select the desired delivery date. The default is of course “as soon as possible”. You can also choose whether today or tomorrow and at what time you want to receive the delivery. That clearly depends on the opening times of the restaurant.

Payment options

Only contactless delivery is currently possible. You pay in advance using one of the following options:

  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, AmEx)
  • Paypal
  • Instant bank transfer


If you like, you can donate € 2 for planting a tree. For this, there is a field under the “Complete order” button in which you can tick the box.

Velofood App

You can clearly see that this is a web app, i.e. a conversion of the website into an app. So the handling is more or less the same, regardless of whether you are on the Velodfood website or in the app.

Velofood App Startbildschirm
To register, click on the manikin on the top left. You can of course use the same user in the app and on the Velofood website. Your user account will show up. If you close this, the start screen appears again with your stored address. After you click on “Select restaurant”, the list of available restaurants appears.

As I said, you have the same functions as on the web. Therefore, I will not go into this in more detail now, but would like to refer you to the individual sections above. The biggest difference is that the more compact display means that you no longer have as much information on the same screen. To see the content of the shopping cart, you have to tap on the shopping cart, for example.

Here you can download the Velofood app for Android phones on Google Play or for the iPhone in the App Store.

Velofood Info


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Mjam – number 3 of the delivery services Graz

Lieferservice Graz - mjam Fahrer
The third delivery service in Graz is Mjam and belongs to Delivery Hero Austria. This company and the Mjam brand are part of the Delivery Hero network, one of the largest global food ordering platforms. They are already active in over 30 countries.

I can’t say it 100%, but if you walk through Graz and watch the drivers of the various delivery services, Mjam seems to be third in Graz. This is not related to the offer, but to the volume of the order. I didn’t know Mjam before. It wasn’t until I walked through Graz and passed the Swing Kitchen Restaurant on Kaiserfeldgasse that I noticed Mjam. Because they deliver the Swing Kitchen dishes.

At Mjam, the order, including packaging, is carbon neutral according to its own information. As far as I could see the website and app are only available in German at the moment.

If I understood it correctly, Mjam merged with the Foodora delivery service some time ago. More on this under Mjam coins under special features. Mjam is active in numerous Austrian cities, including Vienna, Linz, Klagenfurt, Salzburg and Innsbruck.

The offer of Mjam

The selection of restaurants is similar to that of Lieferando. Depending on your location, you can get supplies from up to 200 restaurants. Likewise the range of the offer, because you can get everything from pizza to burger and sushi to schnitzel at Mjam.

In addition, Mjam offers the delivery of well-known fast food restaurants such as Burger King, McDonald’s, Subway and Nordsee.


Mjam also rates from 0 to 5 stars. This is shown in the restaurant overview for each restaurant. The number of reviews submitted can be found above the stars. They are also displayed when you have selected a restaurant. On the restaurant page, you can click on the stars to view the details of the reviews.

After each order, you will also be asked by Mjam to submit a review. You can again decide whether you want to do it anonymously or by name.

How do you order from Mjam

The basic principle is the same as for the other delivery services. I will therefore only go into the specifics. You can find information about the app below.

At Mjam, a little more information has been packed into the page with the restaurant overview. So it may be that you first have to orient yourself.

Depending on the time of the day the following four tabs are displayed above the restaurant list. By clicking, the corresponding restaurants appear in the bar below. If you click on the first image there, more information will appear and the restaurant list below will be filtered accordingly.

  • Mjam Lunch: from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, some restaurants offer special lunch options. Incidentally, this point only appears during the midday – until 2:00 p.m.
  • Mjam coins: see special features
  • Mjam Plus: see special features
  • Gift: Certain restaurants apparently add a gift to every order. In my selection, however, this was only one restaurant.

You can sort by quality, popularity, time and distance using a drop-down menu at the top right.

The filter by kitchen or food is arranged in the left sidebar. Here you will find more filter options. “Deals” means that these restaurants offer special meal deals. I explain Mjam coins and Plus under special features. All other filters are, I think, self-explanatory.

Mjam Restaurant Overview

Minimum order value

The minimum order value varies a lot at Mjam. It is displayed in the restaurant overview for each restaurant under “Minimum”. From a minimum order value of € 5 you are in. This is the lowest among all delivery service providers in Graz. It generally applies to all Mjam Plus restaurants (see special features).

This means that at Mjam you should usually also get something if you only order a single dish.

Delivery costs

Despite the low minimum order value, many deliveries are free. The highest delivery fee I found was € 2.90. This corresponds to that of Velofood.

However, this indicates that the delivery drivers are not particularly well paid. It is therefore all the more important that you tip them properly. Incidentally, this can also be done online. More on this in the special features.

Delivery time and pre-orders

As with the other delivery services, the estimated current delivery time is displayed directly in the restaurant list for each restaurant.

At Mjam you also have the option to specify your desired delivery date on the check-out page. The basic setting is “immediately”. If you open the menu, you can choose between today and tomorrow and next to it select the time in half hour intervals. By the way, you will also find the option here to switch to pickup.

Payment options

The following payment options are available at Mjam.

  • cash payment
  • ATM

Or you can pay in advance using:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Instant bank transfer

Special features

Mjam plus: This obviously includes all restaurants that previously delivered via Foodora. The Mjam Plus Live Tracker works here, i.e. tracking the delivery on a map. In addition, a reduced minimum order value of € 5 applies here.

Buy restaurant voucher: If you want to support your favorite restaurant during the corona crisis, you can buy vouchers on Mjam and subsequently redeem them from June 2, 2020.

Mjam Coins: At restaurants participating here, you get a discount of up to 20% for the next order. This means that you will receive mjam coins for your order in these restaurants, which you can redeem with the next order in the same restaurant. By the way, to be able to participate, you have to be logged in. So you need a Mjam user account. And be careful, the coins are only valid for 30 days.

Mjam Trinkgeld Funktion
Tipping online (see picture): This function is of course a fine thing in times of Corona. All those who want a contactless delivery and still want to tip the driver can do so online. I tried it myself and then asked the driver whether he actually received the tip. He wasn’t sure if it would always work, but he had already received tip this way, he told me.

Mjam user account

If you want to log in to your user account on the homepage, you must click on the “Guest” button in the top right. That confused me a bit at the beginning. After that, a window opens in which you can either create a user account or click on “log in” (German: “Anmelden”).

Your customer account makes ordering easier for you. Your address will be adopted and you can participate in the “mjam coins” loyalty program. On the restaurant overview page you will find your favorites under the heart symbol “Mine” (German: “Meins”), which you can create or will be added automatically if you order more often from the same restaurant. And you can view your last orders here.

Mjam App

Lieferdienste Graz - Mjam App Startbildschirm
After the installation, it is best to register first. Either with your existing account or you create a new user account. The functions of the Mjam app are basically the same as those of the website. Here too, the arrangement is somewhat different due to the smaller mobile phone screen.

At the top you can see the delivery address you have entered. If you tap there, you have the option of entering a different location or taking over your current location. Below this are the filters for kitchens and special dishes, which is done in the Mjam app using symbols and the name below. A little further down you will find the sorting and filtering options and you can also switch to pickup.

Mjam App Benutzer Daten
Next comes various information that flips through and then comes the list of restaurants.

In the bar at the bottom of the phone screen you will find several symbols. The cloche symbol on the far left refers to what we have discussed in the section above. If you tap on the magnifying glass, a window with a search bar appears in which you can enter any term and below this the list of the specified filter categories appears. The heart leads you to your orders and favorites. The basket shows you what you have placed in your shopping cart and the head shows you your user account with the tabs Profile, Help and New.

If you want to download the Mjam app, you can do it in the App Store (Apple) or on Google Play (Android).

Mjam Info


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Before we come to my restaurant tips, a short conclusion and a few recommendations.

I cannot say that one of the delivery services is better than the other. So many factors come together in every delivery. In terms of duration, the most important thing is the restaurant and the time of day. The drivers themselves have little influence on it. Of course, they want to make as many deliveries as possible, because all or part of their income depends on it – possibly the payment and, above all, the tip.

Speaking of tips, please tip the drivers appropriately. You keep hearing that they don’t get paid well. After all, they provide a service and are on the road for us in all weathers. They deserve our thanks.

The driver naturally has an influence on how the food arrives at your place. Has everything remained intact, meaning everything is still in its packaging? And if the driver delivers several orders at the same time, it can of course also be that the food is not so hot anymore when it arrives at your place. Of course, the length of the delivery route also plays a role here. The longer the more the food cools down.

Some restaurants work with several delivery service providers. A comparison is worthwhile because the delivery fee or the minimum order value may differ.

Restaurant tips

I have now tested quite a lot of restaurants. Here are a few recommendations from me. At the end you will find a map with all the restaurants mentioned. By clicking on the pins, the name and address are displayed. I do not give the address, opening hours, telephone number etc. in the text section. You can find this information on the map, which is based on Google Maps. You just have to zoom in further until Google Maps shows the name of the restaurant and then click on it.


The Perfect Bite

The order went through Lieferando. Minimum order is € 10. I had a chickpea curry with cherry tomatoes for € 11.50. The delivery fee is € 1.50. It was certainly not bad. But I don’t remember it as particularly good.


Ganesha Channa Masala
The order went through Velofood. The minimum order value for Velofood is € 14. I had a samosa and the channa masala (chickpea curry) with saffron rice including delivery fee for € 18.70. The delivery fee at Velofood is € 2.90. The starter isn’t worth mentioning in my opinion, but the channa masala was great and a good portion. I would order that again immediately. My recommendation is to take only a main course with rice. The price-performance ratio for that is top. You can also order from Ganesha via Lieferando. Here, the minimum order value is only € 10 and delivery is free.


Here I ordered a vegan Pakoda and Thali vegan for a total of € 16.50 at Mjam. Minimum order value is only € 5 and the delivery was free. The food was quite good, but my favorite Indian restaurant is definitely Ganesha.


Pizzeria Roma

Pizzeria Roma
Ordered through Mjam. Minimum order value € 9.90. Pizzeria Roma is the only pizza restaurant with vegan pizza on the menu that I have ever found in Graz. I had the pizza Pomodore e Basilico vegan for € 9.90 and free delivery. As you can see from the photo, the pizza was well filled. The taste was good too. The vegan cheese was not bad, but not entirely my case. Many pizzerias leave out the cheese on request. So this is also a great way to order a pizza that is lactose free and vegan. And that brings us directly to the next restaurant.


Lieferservice Graz Continuum Pizza
Here I also ordered through Mjam. The minimum order is only € 5. I had the pizza of my choice without cheese, with spinach, garlic, mushrooms and smoked tofu. In the lunch offer for an unbeatable € 6 and the delivery was free. A great thing if you want to have something delivered to your home or work for lunch.


Swing Kitchen

Swing Kitchen Chili Burger
As already mentioned, I discovered the delivery service Mjam through Swing Kitchen. I have now ordered twice from this vegan burger restaurant. I already knew it from Vienna and Berlin and was very happy that there is also a branch in Graz on Kaiserfeldgasse.

1st Order: Chili Burger, fries and garlic dip for € 10 all together and free delivery

2nd Order: Coleslaw and the Pink Edgy Burger for a total of € 9,80

Minimum order value at Swing Kitchen is € 5.


Freigeist Vegan Glory Burger mit Pommes
Freigeist is a cool burger shop at Jakominiplatz. I went there for a drink with my brother last year. There is a cozy garden in the courtyard.

Freigeist Nachricht
I ordered there via Velofood. You now know that this means a minimum order value of € 14 and a delivery fee of € 2.90. I had the vegan glory burger for € 10.40 and the natural fries for € 3.90. The entire order was € 17.20.

Freigeist’s burgers are not cheap but very good. The popularity of the restaurant can also be seen in the long waiting time of just over an hour. And if you eventually find such a nice message when ordering, as you can see in one of the pictures… 🙂

Flann O’Brien

Flann O'Brien Veggie und Vegan Burger mit Süßkartoffelpommes und hausgemachten Pommes
As the name suggests, this is an Irish pub. You wouldn’t think of it first if you wanted to eat. But I knew that Flann O’Brien was offering lunch. I found the restaurant in the Lieferando app.

This time I also ordered for someone else. We had a veggie burger for € 9.50, a vegan burger with jalapenos for € 10.60, sweet potato fries for € 4.50 and chips – homemade fries – for € 3.50. Delicious and a sufficient portion. The delivery was free. The minimum order value is € 10.

Restaurant Z10

Lieferservice Graz Z10 Sushi
You can get very delicious sushi here. I ordered via Lieferando. The minimum order is € 12. I had Mango avocado maki for € 9.90 and a glass noodle avocado salad for € 4.50. I didn’t like the latter, but the maki were lovely. The sweetness of the mango and the salty of the soy sauce go perfectly together.


Cofeba Zwiebel-Rostbraten
The order went through Lieferando. The minimum order value is € 10. By the way, this is a vegan restaurant. I had the vegan onion roast for € 10.70, which was an absolute first for me. The delivery was free.

I was really amazed at how good this veganized version of a classic of Austrian cuisine tasted. Incidentally, the onion roast is supplied with fried potatoes and a salad. If you are curious, you should definitely give it a try. I pimped the salad with pumpkin seed oil.


Akakiko Sambal
A Japanese restaurant that of course also offers sushi. The order went through Lieferando. The minimum order value is € 13.50. Since there was tofu weeks going on at that time, I ordered the Sambal Tofu (spicy) for € 10.90. To reach the € 13.50, I added Harumaki (6 Japanese mini spring rolls) for € 4.70 to my order. Delivery was free.

The sambal tofu was delicious. The sauce is nice and spicy and also slightly hot. However, I didn’t find the spring rolls exciting. Next time I have to try their sushi. Let’s see if it’s as good as the one from Z10.

Café Erde

I think it’s one of the most popular vegan restaurants in Graz. I already wrote about it in the blog post “Eating Out In Graz Special“. Have a look!

Cafe Erde Schnitzel mit Pommes
Here I know, for example, that Café Erde works together with several delivery service providers in Graz. I ordered through Lieferando, namely schnitzel with fries and salad for € 10.6o. The minimum order value is € 10 and delivery is free.

In Café Erde I actually find everything very tasty. The schnitzel was very similar to his carnal relative. Really tasty and without any animal suffering. Hats off. As you can see in the picture, the food was shaken a bit during transport. Ketchup and cranberries had already mixed with some of the fries. Was no problem.

Dean & David

Dean & David Curry und Wrap
This restaurant chain exists in many cities in Austria and also in Germany and I believe also in Switzerland. Modern, healthy dishes and strongly designed to take away anyway. By the way, I wrote a separate blog article about Dean & David which you can find here.

Included in my order from Lieferando I had an oriental wrap for € 4.45 and the vegan surprise curry with salad and rice for € 9.75. The minimum order is € 12 and the delivery fee is € 2. The total invoice was € 16.20. Both dishes were delicious. I saved the wrap for later. I had ordered it to get to the minimum order value.

The links marked with an * are so-called affiliate links. If you buy something through these links, I get a small commission from the provider. It makes no difference to you in terms of price. So you can support me easily and free of charge. Thanks.