5 practical tips on how to eat out vegan anywhere dead easy

This freebie is for all vegans and all those who want to become one or at least want to limit their consumption of animal products.

Do you like to eat out? Then you have certainly had the challenge of what to eat in the selected restaurant or whether you’ll be able to even find anything there. It was often the case with me and continues to do so. In the Freebie I have summarized some tips with which you can eat out vegan almost anywhere.

Try it! It’s free. I wish you much success.

Freebie vegan essen gehen: 5 praktische Tipps wie du kinderleicht überall vegan essen gehen kannst

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5 practical tips

on how to eat out vegan anywhere dead easy.

In the freebie about eating out vegan, the following points are discussed:

  1. How to check out the restaurant in advance
  2. How you use the service staff for yourself
  3. What is the best strategy for getting a vegan meal
  4. How you contribute to success yourself
  5. What to do when everything else fails

I can tell you something right away. If you want to eat out vegan, it is an advantage to read the allergen information. You have probably noticed that these can be found on every menu these days. Or at least they should. This is an EU-wide obligation. The allergen information is a good help in locating animal products – apart from meat. Everything else you will find in the download.

I wish you good luck eating out again. Enjoy it! And don’t let it get you down! You are the guest, you pay, so the restaurateurs can also fulfill your wishes. But please don’t be rude anyway!

Do you have any good tips yourself? Write to me! I look forward to reading from you.