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User instructions for the location finder

You can navigate the map as you are used to in Google Maps.

To perform a specific search, you can use the filter functions below the map.

ZIP / Address: Here you can enter a city, an exact address or a postal code.

Radius: Here you set the search radius. Only results within this radius are displayed.

Category: Select one or more categories. To view more categories please scroll down! If you do not select anything, all matches are displayed.


By default, the result list is hidden. To view it, click on the symbol

Symbol Ergebnisliste
on the map in the upper left corner under the button “Map”!

Info window

If you then click on an entry in the list, the details (info window) are displayed and the map jumps to the location.

Link icon: On the left above the details you will find a link icon

Link Symbol
. By clicking on it you get to the homepage of the selected location.

Route planner: Right next to the link icon you will find the route planner

Routenplaner Symbol
. As soon as you click on it, the entry mask for the route planner appears below the map after the filter area. The marker location is automatically set as the destination. Incidentally, you can choose between car, pedestrian and bicycle. If you click on the icon next to the “from” field, your current location will be entered as the starting point.

When you scroll down the info window, you’ll find phone, e-mail, etc. Links are displayed in green. You can then click on it and e.g. call the number directly from your mobile phone or write an e-mail.