The idea

dean&david philosophie. Framed bulletin in the restaurant in Nürnbergerstraße in Berlin.
For me, dean&david is one of these modern restaurant chains that make fast food a healthy meal. Nowadays dean & david is not only available throughout Germany, but also in Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria. You can find out if there’s a restaurant near you through the location finder which I linked in the info box at the bottom of this post.

David Baumgartner founded the restaurant chain in 2007 in Munich. Since then, the slogan “fresh to eat” has been the focus.

Baumgartner has brought together ideas from all over the world. This is reflected in both the menu of dean&david and the decor of the restaurants. The following pictures show two restaurants in Berlin and give a first impression of the furnishings.

The food at dean&david

Dean&david promises fresh, high quality and natural ingredients. That also means they are without flavor enhancers, preservatives or colorants. At your first visit, the menu might be a bit overwhelming. For a supposed fast food restaurant they have got a considerable amount of food and choices to be made.


The focus of dean&david’s menu is very much on salads. There are over 10 different salads from Surf & Turf with beef and shrimps to vegan avocado superfood to choose from. If you can not find the right one for you, there’s the opportunity to put together your own choice salad in 4 steps. You can choose Small or Classic first. The base is always a lettuce mix. Then you can get 3 basics from artichokes to peppers to walnuts. Premium extras are available at an additional cost. These include, for example, avocado, sheep or goat cheese, beef and salmon. Then choose a dressing and you’re done.

dean&david Avocado Superfood Salad in transport container.

Soups, Bowls and Currys

In this category, there are only 4 bowls on the standard menu. Most of the dishes change daily and can be found on the menu on the wall behind the counter. These include various currys and soups. There are always meaty as well as vegetarian and vegan dishes offered.

dean&david buddha bowl. Grilled vegetables (sweet potatoes, aubergine, peppers, zucchini, onions), edamame, walnuts, beetroot, lettuce, quinoa, wholegrain rice, basil, ginger-sesame-dressing.

Something little for in between and on the go

If you just want a snack, you can choose between the “Grilled Flatbreads”, Wraps and “Grilled Sandwiches”. In addition, there are the so-called pots. For example “vegan bulgur” with tomatoes, rocket and edamame.

Like in all categories, there are also vegetarian and vegan options available.


I like the rough labeling of the foods. It is easy to comrehend by simple symbols. These indicate whether a dish is vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or lactose-free. However, the well known allergen labeling according to the letter system is missing in the menu. For me personally, the existing, rough labeling is sufficient. If you suffer from an allergy, you should definitely ask the staff, which dishes are suitable for you!


Drinks such as water and sodas are available in the cooler. If you like it fresh, you can choose from the freshly squeezed juices, green smoothies and superfood smoothies.

Of course, coffee and tea are also available. By the way, there is even a small selection of desserts as well as muffins and cakes.

Social responsibility

dean&david and bean united. For every coffee sold pupils in Burundi get supported with school meals.
I found out that dean&david is also taking over social responsibility. I noticed two things, maybe there are more.

Dean&david participates in “To Good To Go”. It’s about curbing food waste. Should something be left over, you can buy these foods through the app for little money and pick it up shortly before closing time. You can find more information about “To Good To Go” here. It is operating in several countries throughout Europe.

Anyone who drinks coffee at dean&david automatically does something good. The coffee comes from “Bean United – The social coffee company”. For every kilo of coffee sold, a schoolchild in Burundi is provided with school meals for two weeks.



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Currently, dean & david has around 100 restaurants in Germany, 7 in Austria, 8 in Switzerland and 3 in Luxembourg.

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