Chon Thong is one of our favorite restaurants. As you know, I really like Asian food, and I also did a cooking course in Thailand. You can read more about this here. That’s why I can judge to some extent how good and authentic Thai cuisine is.

The Restaurant Chon Thong

Chon Thong Ambiente
This Thai restaurant on Kantstrasse has been around for a number of years. It has since been enlarged twice. Once in the direction of Kantkino – the cinema next door – and in 2022 the shop on the other side was taken over and Café Bar by Chon Thong established.

The facility is kept rather simple. The furniture is dark wood and the walls are white. The logo (see photo at the top) with the lettering and a spoon hangs on one wall. On the wall next to the entrance door there is a light installation consisting of golden leaves and hanging stems that are backlit.

The floor-to-ceiling windows can be pushed to the side. In the warm season you will find more tables directly in front of the restaurant. Here you can observe the hustle and bustle on Kantstrasse particularly well. The outdoor area is of course shaded by an awning so that you can sit outside even on hot summer days.

Chon Thong’s menu

Did I already tell you that Chon Thong means “Golden Spoon” in English? Of course, that says a lot about the standards you have here. The fact that a lot of Thais come to eat there is also a good sign.

Chon Thong Tom Yam Suppe

The menu is very varied. For example, there are the classic soups Tom Kha and Tom Yam (see photo), optionally with chicken, tofu or shrimp. Appetizers such as fish meatballs, spring rolls, wontons and satay skewers.


The popular papaya salad is of course already the size of a main course. By the way, the selection of salads is very impressive for a Thai restaurant.

Chon Thong Massaman Curry
After the category of noodle soups, which are mostly made with flat rice noodles, the category pivots to the main ingredient used. That is, a distinction is made between chicken, beef, shrimp, tofu, etc. You will find classics like the Massaman Curry on the following picture.

Chon Thong Pad Thai
Special requests and intolerances are gladly taken into account. For example, I like to eat Pad Thai (see picture). The noodles are usually fried with egg. At my request, I can always get them without. The same applies to the degree of hotness of the food. When ordering, specify how spicy you want your food to be!

For vegans, it should be said that the tofu dishes have an extra “not vegan” written on them. However, this does not refer to ingredients but to the fact that the tofu may be fried in the same oil as meat or shrimp. I think it’s good that the Chon Thong goes into this in such detail. That’s important to some. For my part, I don’t think that’s a bad thing. After all, I don’t do without animal foods because I don’t like them, but for ethical reasons and because of environmental and climate protection.

Drinks at Chon Thong

Singha Bier
As you may have seen on one or the other photo, you can of course get Thai beer – namely Singha beer. Apart from that, there are Bitburger on tap and Benediktiner Weissbier. The offered wines come from Germany, France and Spain. The digestive is also taken care of. There’s cognac, Jägermeister, 11 Tiger Thai herbal schnapps and Mekhong Thai rum.

The non-alcoholic drinks include classic soft drinks and juices or spritzers. The homemade soft drinks are very interesting. For example the Thai coffee with syrup on ice, which is also available with condensed milk. Or various lemonades with hibiscus, lime, etc.

Last but not least, there are of course teas and coffees. With the latter, the selection in the associated café next door is of course a little larger.


I can really recommend the Chon Thong. The dishes are all very tasty and are always freshly and quickly prepared. The staff is very friendly, as befits the land of smiles. And your wishes will be accommodated as best as possible. In addition, the prices are still very fair despite high inflation. You can get most main courses for less than 10 euros (as of August 2022).

Since the restaurant is very popular, you should definitely reserve a table. Then nothing stands in the way of your short trip to Thailand. Enjoy your meal!

Info – Chon Thong Thai restaurant

Address: Kantstr. 53, 10627 Berlin

Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 12 p.m. – 12 a.m.

Phone: 030-450-86703