Burger Special Berlin

Do you also love burgers and go every now and then or even regularly to burger restaurants? Although healthy eating is important to me, I occasionally indulge in a burger. If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that.

Since there are a lot of burger shops in the city, I decided to start this Burger Special Berlin. It is a series in which I will regularly introduce you to a burger restaurant in the capital. Of course there must be at least one vegan burger on the menu. After all, I want vegans and nonvegans to go there together.

So be curious and have a look every now and then! Over the next few weeks and beyond, you will always find something new here.

Your favorite burger shop is missing? Write it in the comments or send me an email! Then I will gladly look at your suggestion and record it here.

Burgers Berlin

Burgers Berlin interior - Burger Special Berlin

Burgers Berlin

The Burger Special Berlin starts with a shop that I have visited many times since I live very close by. It is a classic burger shop in the style of an American diner. Its brick walls are unrendered and painted white or raw. The furniture is made of wood and metal. On the tables are napkin dispensers and ketchup and mayo bottles and the burgers are served in plastic baskets.

The burgers and side dishes at Burgers Berlin

Burgers are of course the core of every burger restaurant. The menu of Burgers Berlin is straightforward, but still offers a great deal of diversity. Of course, the beef fraction is the biggest part. Their selection ranges from the classic “All American” burger with 150g beef, tomatoes, onions, iceberg lettuce, gherkins, ketchup and mayonnaise to the Fitburger with roast chicken breast fillet and rocket.

The burger buns are from their own production and the meat comes from the region. On request and for an extra charge of 2.50 Euros you can get your burger with organic meat from a Neuland butcher.

But that’s not all, because Burgers Berlin also has a special offer for children. These dishes are affectionately called “Kinda Börga” and “Kinda Cheesebörga” the way German kids would pronounce it.

Burger, fries and beer
There are also three vegetarian burgers. The Halloumi, the Farmer’s Market with vegetable patties and the Italian with mozarella and rocket. For vegans, there are also three options and even in organic quality. Incidentally, all three are also meat variants on the menu, namely the already mentioned “All American”, the “Hot Stuff” with Jalapeños (my favorite burger) and the “Big Mama’s” with fried aubergine, zucchini, peppers and rocket (for 7 euros the most expensive burger).

The side dishes are quite classic. There are fries, curly fries, sweet potato fries, cheese fries, onion rings and coleslaw. Last but not least, they’ve got some homemade dips (eg aioli, mango and barbecue).

Drinks at Burgers Berlin

Their beverage selection is quite brieg. The soft drinks come mainly from Coca-Cola and Fritz. And then there are beers of the brands Becks, Rothaus Tannenzäpfle, San Miguel and Augustiner.

Special features at Burgers Berlin

From Monday to Friday 11am – 4pm you will get a lunch menu. A selection of burgers plus fries are available for 6 – 6,90 Euros.

Special burgers that are available for a limited time can be found on a board in front of the shop.

Burgers Berlin works together with Lieferando and offers the possibility of online ordering on their website. Telephone pre-orders with subsequent pickup are possible as well.


The first candidate at the Burger Special Berlin delivers solid and delicious burgers and scores with its wide range of vegetarian and vegan burgers. At Burgers Berlin you will find everything a burger lover needs for daily life. 🙂

The prices for burgers are between 4 and 7 euros, the Kinderburger are even cheaper and range from 3 to 4 euros. With fries and a drink you get your meal at around 10 euros in the evening. At noon, as already mentioned, they provide special lunch offers.

Info – Burgers Berlin

Address: Pestalozzistraße 25, 10627 Berlin
Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 11 am – 10 pm // Sat + Sun, 12 pm – 10 pm
Phone: +49 (0)30 81 89 54 51
Payment: Cash and all popular credit cards

Website (Attention: Online delivery prices deviate from the shop prices)

Tommi’s Burger Joint at Burger Special Berlin

Tommi's Portrait - Burger Special Berlin

Tommi’s Portrait

Tommi’s Burger Joint has its origins in Iceland. I didn’t know that until recently. In the early 1980s Tómas Tómasson, called Tommi, brought the hamburger to Iceland and opened the first fast food chain. After a few mistakes and confusions, he made a fresh start in 2004 with Tommi’s Burger Joint and laid the foundation for a success story.

Meanwhile, the burger chain can be found in six countries. In the home country of Iceland, there are 8 shops and a food truck and that with just 350 thousand inhabitants – that is just above the population of the Berlin district Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

Tommi’s Burger Joint has three stores in Germany as of September 2019. All are located in Berlin, namely in Mitte, Charlottenburg and Friedrichshain. Thus, the Burger Special Berlin on Vegans And Friends is a Germany Special for Tommi’s Burger Joint at the same time.

How is Tommi’s Burger Joint set up?

The furniture is not so different from other burger shops. Again, a lot of wood and metal is used. In sum, the restaurants make a rustic impression.

Tommi's Burger Joint Pimp Station
The special thing about Tommi’s Burger Joint is the decoration. Especially around the open burger kitchen and the order counter everything is provided with cardboard signs. There you will find important information like “Order here” and special offers. The first time you have to take a moment and read everything that is on the signs to get an orientation.

At Tommi’s Burger Joint you will also find napkin dispensers on the tables. For ketchup and other sauces, there is a separate sauce bar. This is located at the central cooking and dispensing station. The sauces provided go far beyond the usual measure. Take a close look at the picture!

How is the food?

The menu of Tommi’s Burger Joint is very reduced. There are currently six burgers on the menu, but strictly speaking, there are only four. It starts with the Classic Beef Burger with 150g beef patty, salad, tomato, onion, ketchup, mustard and mayo. Then we have the Double Burger, which is the same as the Classic, only with 2 x 150g beef patty. The Tommi Junior which differs from the Classic only by his 100g beef patty and the Double Tommi Junior which has 2 x 100g patty. There’s a Chicken Burger with grilled chicken breast and unlike the other burgers with avocado and garlic-herb mayo. And last but not least the Veggie Burger with fried vegetable patty.


Moving Mountains Burger close up
Not yet on the regular menu is the Moving Moutains Burger. This is the vegan burger. Apparently they are still experimenting here. During my visit to Tommi’s Burger Joint on Ku’damm, the cook told me that they had previously tried beyond meat patties. However, supplies from the USA could not be secured. He has experimented with the currently used patty, whether it tastes better grilled or from the hot plate. In my case, the burger was grilled and I loved it. Incidentally, the Moving Mountains Burger is due to come on the regular menu soon.

Still about food

Instead of menus, Tommi’s Burger Joint calls them “Offer of the century”. The Classic with fries and soft drink is available for 10.90 euros, with beer for 12.90 and the Junior menu costs 8.90 euros.

Even with the side dishes, sauces and extras, the menu is kept very short. French fries or sweet potato fritters, sauces bearnaise or chipotle mayo or tommi’s sauce and cheese or bacon or avocado. That’s it.

Tommi’s Burger Joint completely omitts on cutlery. The burgers are actually very easy to eat by hand. Since they are not overloaded, nothing is going to easily slip out. Burgers and fries are served together in a basket. The burgers themselves are wrapped in paper, which you can also use to better keep the burger in your hands.

Drinks at Tommi’s Burger Joint

Again, the menu is very reduced. They’ve got soda (carbonated soft drinks), water, shakes and beer on their menu. And for each category they have got uniform prices. You just say which category you want and take your desired drink out of the fridge.


The menu of Tommi’s Burger Joint is very reduced. Nevertheless, there are no wishes left open for a burger lover. If you want to pimp your burger, go to the sauce and toppings bar. Prices are also absolutely okay.

Since the Moving Mountains Burger is not yet on the permanent menu, it remains to be seen whether Tommi’s Burger Joint deserves to be included in the Vegans And Friends Burger Special Berlin.

Info – Tommi’s Burger Joint


Payment: Cash and all popular credit cards


Address: Invalidenstraße 160, 10115 Berlin
Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 12 pm – 10 pm
Phone: +49 30 52132190
E-mail: contact@burgerjoint.de


Address: Kurfürstendamm 212, 10707 Berlin
Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 12 pm – 10 pm
Phone: +49 30 37432927
E-mail: info@burgerjoint.de


Address: Gabriel Max Straße 17, 10245 Berlin
Opening hours: Mon – Wed, 12 pm – 10 pm // Thu – Sun, 12 pm – 11 pm
Phone: +49 30 27599599
E-mail: Boxhagener@burgerjoint.de

Wilhelms Burger at Burger Special Berlin

Another place in the Burger Special Berlin is Wilhelms Burger in Wilhelmshavener Strasse in Moabit. It reminds me in many respects of Burgers Berlin in Pestalozzi Strasse. The rustic style, the baskets, in which burgers and side dishes are served and they also offer Neulandfleisch (quality meat from animal-friendly and environmentally friendly husbandry), but this time it is the standard burger meat. Now let’s take a look at Wilhelms Burger in detail.

Wilhelmsburger bottle opener

Wilhelmsburger bottle opener

The decor is dominated by dark wood and the walls are partly wood paneled. Its remaining walls are either red brick or plastered concrete grey. There are also dark-painted wooden tables and benches on the sidewalk and on the parking lots in front of the restaurant.
By the way, you don’t find ketchup and mayo on the tables at Wilhelmsburger. You get them from large metal dispensers at the bar next to the food counter. If you don’t want to have your sauces directly on your meal, there are small cardboard bowls available. A fun gimmick is the bottle opener and its associated receptacle, which is mounted on the side wall of one of the tables.

Burgers and sides

Small Cheeseburger - lunch offer. Burger Special Berlin.

Small Cheeseburger – lunch offer

Wilhems Burger offers a wide variety of burgers. The base hamburgers are called “So Popular Classic” and “So Popular Cheese” for € 5.50 and € 6, respectively, which stand out above all through the Wilhelms Cocktail Burger Sauce. Then it gets very creative. “The Mayas” has avocado-chipotle cream and jalapenos, “Egg Benedict” has organic muesli and Bearnaise sauce as ingredients and the “French Taste” herbal cream, brie, cranberries and grilled apple slices.

For vegans, there is the “The Vegan” with smoked tofu, avocado slices and its own gluten and lactose-free bread roll. By the way, two of the three vegetarian burgers can be transformed into vegan by omitting the cheese slice. These are “The Mushroom” with grilled mushroom heads and “The Buffalo Pope” with grilled vegetables and tomato pesto.

Among the side dishes you will find the classics such as fries, sweet potato fries and potato wedges. Coleslaw and grilled corn on the cob are also on offer. Exceptional for a burger shop is the kimchi.
The extras are very extensive and include many of the ingredients contained in the burgers such as cheddar cheese, avocado, jalapenos and fried egg.


Not all burger shops offer something sweet. At Wilhelms Burger there is “Bellydance” (nutella, pineapple, apple, cranberry jam) and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream available.


Among the non-alcoholic drinks, beside Coca-Cola, Fanta and Co and Fritz Schorlen you will also find more unusual drinks like Almdudler, Fassbrause and Kraft Malz here.
The beer selection is even more extensive and has some specialties to offer. You will find Grevensteiner, Bayreuther, Zwick’l, Brooklyn Lager, Berliner Berg and Brlo. There is also Gösser Radler available which is very popular in Berlin and the famous brands Budweiser, Becks, Paulaner and Jever.

Special features of Wilhelms Burger

A handful of burgers are available as lunch offer including small fries and a soft or hot drink for just 7 euros. There’s self-service at Wilhelms Burger and you can only pay cash.
If you plan to come here regularly, get yourself the loyalty card! You will get every 10th burger for free.
Special burgers, which are only available for a limited time, can be found on the board in front of the restaurant.


Fast and friendly service. There is a lot of emphasis on freshness and quality. The selection of burgers is basically very good, but the range of vegan burgers, however, is still expandable – not everyone likes smoked tofu. Ask for veganized versions of the mentioned vegetarian burgers! Great selection of drinks and good value for money. The lunch offer attracts many people from the surrounding offices and shops. Wilhelm’s Burger is a well-deserved candidate for the Burger Special Berlin.

Info – Wilhelms Burger

Address: Wilhelmshavener Str. 3, 10551 Berlin-Moabit
Opening hours: Sun – Thu, 11:00 – 23:00h // Fri & Sat, 11:00 – 24:00h
Phone: 030 55 20 94 54
E-mail: info@wilhelmsburger.berlin
Payment: cash only


New Burger Bar at KaDeWe

The New Burger Bar on the sixth floor of the KaDeWe has been around for quite some time and enjoys great popularity. At least the places around are always well filled and are sometimes faced with waiting times of up to 45 minutes.

The IT-Burger Beyondmeat - Burger Special Berlin

The IT-Burger beyond meat

When I was still eating meat, I found that they’ve got the best burgers in Berlin here. Since there was a veggie burger (The Green) but no vegan one available, I’ve always cold-shouldered the New Burger Bar lately. Then recently I got the menu in my hands again and noticed that there is a vegan burger (The IT Burger) with beyond meat available now.

Since I know from the past that the burgers are exchanged regularly, I have of course asked whether this is a limited-time guest performance or a longer-term position on the menu. It was said that the vegan burger remains and thus the New Burger Bar by KaDeWe may be included in the Burger Special Berlin.

Food and drinks at New Burger

Since there was no vegan burger available here until recently, I start with what has been around for a while. A classic beef patty is produced as follows at KaDeWe. The cook takes a prepared minced meat ball from Black Angus beef and puts it on the grill. Subsequently, a device is used, with which this ball is pressed to a flat, circular patty. This procedure already makes it hiss and sizzle neatly. The chicken fillet and patties for the veggie and vegan burger are also fried on the hot plate.

Chic(ken) Burger KaDeWe - Burger Special Berlin

Chic(ken) Burger

Burger of the month - New Burger Bar KaDeWe - Burger Special Berlin

Burger of the month

The burgers at New Burger

Sometimes the most important thing about a burger is the rest of the components, which ultimately make up much of the taste of the finished dish. The KaDeWe naturally uses high-quality ingredients. This is reflected not only in the taste but also in the price. “Le Classique” made from Black Angus Beef, iceberg lettuce, tomato, cucumber, roasted onions, mayo, ketchup and mustard as well as gherkin you get for 10.90 euros. There are currently a total of eight different burgers to choose from. The cheapest is “The Green” – the vegetarian burger – for 9.90 euros and the most expensive of them is the “Steak Frite” for 23.90 euros. However, the latter comes with French fries and a small salad, which you have to order separately with the other burgers.

Side dishes

Here we come to the side dishes, which are very classic. French fries, sweet potato fries, potato wedges, cole slaw and the mixed KaDeWe salad are available in this section.


Among the drinks on the New Burger menu are the classic soft drinks such as water, Coke, Fanta and Sprite. There is a small but fine selection of wines, draft beer and bottled beers and of course sparkling wine and champagne.

Special features at KaDeWe

However, everyone who has been to KaDeWe knows that you are not limited to the menu of the respective bar. Theoretically, you can get something from any other bar and special beverage requests are met if possible.


The special atmosphere at KaDeWe and the many possibilities make a visit to the New Burger Bar very interesting. The vegan burger has improved over time and can now keep up with the rest. All the burgers at New Burger Bar are really great. I find it hard to eat them with your hands because they are just too big. It’s definitely fun to sit at the New Burger Bar, have a nice burger and watch people.

If you want to know more about the KaDeWe and what else there is to eat, take a look at my article on the KaDeWe!

Info – New Burger Bar at KaDeWe

Address: Tauentzienstraße 21–24, 10789 Berlin, Germany (6th floor)
Opening hours: Mon – Thu, 10 am – 8 pm // Fri, 10 am – 9 pm // Sat, 9:30 am – 8 pm
E-mail: service@kadewe.de
Payment: Cash and cards


Windburger at Burger Special Berlin

Windburger was recommended to me a long time ago by a friend. The name obviously comes from the street in which their first shop is located namely the Windscheidstraße in Charlottenburg. Here in the area around the western end of Stuttgarter Platz you will find a lot of restaurants of all kinds. Meanwhile, there’s also a Windburger at the corner of Manteuffel and Skalitzer Straße in Kreuzberg. This is an area with numerous restaurants as well.

Windburger stickers
The restaurant in Windscheid is quite small, but the space is used optimally. I can hardly classify the style. The purple and white striped walls remind me of a pastry or ice cream parlor. There are high tables of purple painted metal and light wood with stools and a few normal tables with benches. At the window there are also a few seats. My favourite place. In front of the restaurant they’ve got further tables where you can enjoy the afternoon sun. The restaurant in Kreuzberg is basically the same. There is additional space available through a gallery above the entrance.
You will find ketchup and mayo bottles on the tables, and handy kitchen rolls for people like me who always tend to dirty themselves up when eating a burger. 😉

A funny feature are the Windburger stickers, which can be found on walls and columns in many variations and mostly based on the design of well-known brands.

The Wind burgers and their side dishes


You’re probably already curious about what Windburger has to offer culinary wise. Their burgers are not a big surprise, they are very classic. The basic ingredients are iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, ketchup and mayo. Windburger’s beef patties and rolls are homemade. The beefburgers are all available as single and double.

Windburger vegetable burger with home fries
More extraordinary creations are for example the Charlotten-Burger (with grilled vegetables), the Berlin Burger (with braised onions and mushrooms) and the London Burger (with fried egg and bacon). There are also several chicken burgers to choose from. For example the curry chicken (with curry sauce and roasted onions) and the Hawaiian chicken (with pineapple and cheese).

They’ve also got four veggie burgers. The halloumi burger, the vegetable patty, the vegetables and the tofu burger. Of which the last two are also available vegan on request. Incidentally, I was automatically asked when ordering if I want my burger vegetarian or vegan.

All burgers are quite cheap. The classic Hamburger starts at 3.20 euros single / 4.70 euros double. As a mini, it is even available for 2.40 euros. Beefburgers go up to 4.70 euros single / 6.20 euros double. The chicken burgers are between 3.00 and 3.50 euros and the veggie ones range from 3.50 to 4.00 euros.

Side dishes

I would not necessarily call the salads a side dish. The base is a big mixed salad that you can either pimp with grilled vegetables, Halloumi, avocado or chicken. But there is also a small salad and coleslaw, if you want a side salad.

The fries you are spoiled for choice. Home and sweet potato fries are classics, but you can also order special fries. Funky with herb butter, Cheese with cheese sauce, Chili Cheese with jalapenos and cheese, Mexican with chili con carne and cheese sauce .

Among the dips and extras you will find various sauces, sour cream and jalapenos.


Windburger refridgerator
As you can see in the photo right beside, there are many acquaintances when it comes to the drinks. They have got both Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite as well as Fritz Kola and Limos. The spritzers from Proviant, Club-Mate, Rixdorfer Fassbrause and Almdudler as well as Orangina and of course water is also available. Windburger has several beers on offer like Becks, Berliner Kindl, Tannenzäpfle, Bayreuther and Augustiner Helles and the Gösser Radler can be found among the beers.

Special features at Windburger

So that you know when you can pick up your food at the counter, you take a beeper with you to your table.


Windburger police as customer

Windburger police visit

The shops in Charlottenburg and Kreuzberg are always well visited. This is certainly not least because of the low prices. For a burger, fries and a drink you usually stay well under 10 euros.

The vegetable burger I recently had was very tasty, but the vegetables have lost a lot of water, which made it pretty mushy towards the end. Windburger’s house fries are good as well as the sweet potato fries and the service was outstanding. When even the guys from the police pick up their lunch here, it has to be alright and deserves its place in the Vegans And Friends “Burger Special Berlin”. 😉

Info – Windburger



Payment: cash only


Address: Windscheidstraße 26, 10627 Berlin
Opening hours: Mon – Sat, 12 pm – 10 pm
Phone: +49 (0)30 43 72 71 77


Address: Skalitzer Straße 36, 10999 Berlin
Opening hours: Mon – Thu, 12 pm – 10 pm // Fri, 12 pm – 11 pm // Sat, 2 pm – 11 pm // Sun, 2 pm – 10 pm
Phone: +49 (0)30 82 40 92 56

Hard Rock Cafe Berlin

Hard Rock Cafe Bon Jovi
The Hard Rock Café is world-famous and houses collectibles of many stars from the music scene. In addition to the restaurant, each location also has a shop, the so-called rock shop, in which merchandising products are sold.
The Hard Rock Cafe Berlin is located on Kurfürstendamm and therefore in a very prominent location. I suspect that it is therefore mainly visited by tourists. When you enter the restaurant, you will be addressed in English first. But don’t worry, the employees generally speak German as well.

Hard Rock Cafe The Who
In terms of food, the Hard Rock Cafe offers very good quality with classics from the American BBQ and TexMex cuisine. The store in Berlin extends over two floors and there’s an elongated bar on both. In summer you will also find tables on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant and on the surrounding balcony on the first floor. You can sit and relax there in the warm season and overlook the Ku’damm. Guitars and other devotional items from well-known rock greats such as Bon Jovi, The Who and Lenny Kravitz are displayed on the walls throughout the restaurant.

The burgers at Hard Rock Cafe Berlin

But now to the burgers. As you know or can imagine, the focus is clearly on meat, bacon and cheese. There are the so-called Legendary Steak Burgers including the 24-karat gold leaf steak burger with gold leaf topping. Don’t worry, it is eatable. Then the BBQ Bacon Cheese and of course a single and double cheeseburger.

Hard Rock Cafe Moving Mountains Burger
And now it comes, they have actually a Moving Mountains burger. Yes, who would have thought that. And if you’ve read this article carefully, you know that the same patty is also used at Tommi’s Burger Joint. A store happens to be just a few meters away from the Hard Rock Cafe (read above). If you want to know more about the Moving Mountains Burger Patty just click here!

But now I have to criticize the Hard Rock Cafe right away. They offer a burger with a plant-based patty and then they just come up with a vegetarian one. Their Moving Mountains Burger has cheddar cheese and apparently non-vegan sauces as ingredients.

But no problem, the staff at the Hard Rock Cafe are very attentive and help you wherever possible. I asked the waitress if I can get the burger vegan too. She said that she has to ask if there are vegan burger buns available at the moment. They had some on stock and leaving out the cheese was no problem after all. Voilà, the vegan burger was ready. Now I really hope that the Hard Rock Cafe will come up with the idea of adding a vegan burger to the menu themselves. For such a large restaurant chain, this should be a matter of course these days.

Side orders

You get french fries by default with the burger. But it is no problem to exchange them for a salad or other side dish. Speaking of salads, there is a very good selection available. Most are made with steak or chicken. But they’ve got a salad, the Fresh Beet Salad, which is regularly made with goat cheese, which you can easily omit and get a “vegan” salad then.


The drinks menu is very extensive, after all the Hard Rock Cafe is also a bar. That means a lot of cocktails – also non-alcoholic – but also all classic non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks from cola to beer. The milkshakes have to be rather counted among the desserts. 😉

Special features of the Hard Rock Cafe

Apart from the utensils of various music stars, which can be admired throughout the restaurant, there is an exceptionally large children’s menu. It includes dishes such as a cheeseburger, pizza, hot dog and pasta with quite a few healthy components and side dishes.


There is still a lot of room for improvement among the dishes for vegetarians and vegans. I find the friendly and eager employees very positive. They try to fulfill every wish. The prices of the Hard Rock Cafe are in the upper range. A Moving Mountains burger including fries costs 16.15 euros. Their Beet Salad was available for 5.75 euros and a large beer costs 5 euros.

This was the second time I ate the Moving Mountains burger patty. It is surprisingly close to its animal role model. I think it tastes the best when it comes from the grill. Have you ever eaten a Moving Moutains burger? Now you have at least to places in Berlin where you can try one. As already said besides the Hard Rock Cafe you can also find it at Tommi’s Burger Joint. Let me know how you like it!

Info – Hard Rock Cafe Berlin



Payment: cash and cards

Address: Kurfürstendamm 224, 10719 Berlin

Opening hours
Restaurant: Mon – Thu + Sun, 11:30 – 23:30h // Fri – Sat, 11:30h – 00:30h
Bar: Mon – Sun, 10:00 – 01:00h
Rock Shop: Mon – Sun, 10:00 – 24:00h

Phone:  +49 (0)30 884620

Swing Kitchen

The condition for the Burger Special Berlin was that there must be at least one vegan burger. Okay, Swing Kitchen has got only vegan burgers. I decided to write about it anyway. And a visit is definitely worth it. Have a look and try the food yourself! Even if you are not vegan, you will almost certainly enjoy it. But now everything in order.

Swing Kitchen S-Bahn Arch Friedrichstraße
The location of the two shops in Berlin is very different. The one on Rosenthaler Strasse is in a modern building with a large window front, the one on Georgenstrasse at Friedrichstrasse station is an S-Bahn arch. The interior is common to both. Black and white are the basic colors mixed with natural tones. The world globe motif is striking, which is reflected by globes as lampshades and in parts of the wall covering.

Like many burger shops, Swing Kitchen is a self-service restaurant. The order is placed at the counter. A number is printed on your receipt. When the order is ready, this number is called and appears on a screen.

The burgers at Swing Kitchen

Swing Kitchen Burger with sweet potato grid fries
The selection is comparable to other burger shops. There are four standard burgers on the menu. The chili, the swing and the cheese burger have a soy patty and the Vienna burger is even filled with a schnitzel. This is probably due to the origin of the Swing Kitchen. It comes from Austria. There you would probably call it “Schnitzelsemmel” (Schnitzel in a bread roll).

Swing Kitchen Edgy Burger BBQ
The next category are the so-called Edgy Burgers, which are something for the smaller hunger. Both contain a hand-marinated cutlet. The BBQ Edgy comes with garlic sauce, the Chicago with lemon mayo.

In addition to the burgers, there are two wraps, the Kitchen and the Swiss. Incidentally, all burgers and wraps are available as a combo. For three euros extra to any burger or wrap you get a drink and fries. For another 80 cents the latter can be replaced with sweet potato fries, coleslaw or a small salad.

Side orders

In addition to the side dishes just mentioned, Swing Kitchen also has onion rings, vegan nuggets and the hot cheese fries. These are fries with cheese, jalapeños and fried onions. I have to say this is the best vegan cheese I’ve eaten so far. You probably know these nachos with cheese. This is exactly what the hot cheese fries look like and the cheese has the same consistency.

The salads include a garden salad, cole slaw and the nugget salad with gluten-free soy nuggets.


Among the non-alcoholic drinks in Swing Kitchen you will find organic orange, apple and cherry juice, pure soda or with elderberry or raspberry, lemonade, iced tea and their own swing cola.

In the hot drinks section you will find classic coffee specialties.

As far as I know, there are no alcoholic beverages.

Special features of Swing Kitchen

Swing Kitchen Flower Pot Water Consumption
In addition to the 100% vegan dishes, Swing Kitchen also focuses on sustainability. Only CO²-neutral, biodegradable packaging is used. In every restaurant and on the homepage there is a calculator that shows how many resources have been saved compared to a conventional burger shop since the opening of Swing Kitchen 2015.


Especially in times when sustainability and climate protection are becoming increasingly important, restaurants like Swing Kitchen are an important step in the right direction. Great care is taken here to conserve resources, which can be seen, for example, in figures on the resource calculator in each store. So Swing Kitchen had to be part of this Burger Special Berlin article.

100% vegan and still delicious. Not a secret for vegans, but non-vegans are often still very skeptical. I always say, just give it a try! Enjoy your meal! And Swing Kitchen is a deserved part of the Burger Special Berlin. I’m very happy.

Info – Swing Kitchen



Payment: cash and cards

As of 02/2020, Swing Kitchen has 6 locations in Vienna, 1 in Bern and 2 in Berlin. More information can be found on the homepage, the two locations from the Burger Special Berlin can be found here.

Mitte 1

Address: Rosenthaler Str. 63-64, 10119 Berlin

Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 11:00 – 22:00h, including holidays

Mitte 2

Address: Stadtbahnbogen, Georgenstraße 201, 10117 Berlin

Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 11:00 – 22:00h, including holidays

Hans im Glueck at Burger Special Berlin

First of all, a few words about Hans im Glueck and what’s behind it. The restaurant chain is headquartered in Munich, where you will also find most of the shops. However, Hans im Glueck can basically be found all over Germany and also has three restaurants in Switzerland (Basel and Bern) and one in Austria (Kufstein).

Somehow, I always connect Hans im Glueck with Peter Pane. But I also cannot say exactly where it comes from. I could not find a direct connection. But there are obvious parallels. Sure, both restaurant chains primarily offer burgers. But they both also use fantasy names for the food and drinks that match the fairytale world. Even the dishes in the two restaurant chains are very similar. To see for yourself take a look at my blog article about Peter Pane. Another thing which surprised me. Several years ago, Hans im Glueck withdrew from Berlin. Peter Pane then moved in at the abandoned location on Friedrich Strasse.

Vegetarian Burger Hans im Glück
Hans im Glueck currently again has two restaurants in Berlin. One in the main train station and the other next to the Mercedes Benz Arena.

I paid a visit to the latter with 8 former colleagues. Our orders were as different as the people. The ambience is unmistakable and has not changed over the years. Birch trunks that are distributed throughout the guest room. The tables and benches are made of light wood. We were seated at a table that had swings for seating. However, these were attached and you could only rock to a limited extent.

The burgers and side dishes

Vegan Burger inside Hans im Glück
The menu may vary slightly from location to location. On the first page you are greeted with the words: “What do you need to be happy?” Hans im Glueck gives the answer right away, namely: “A relaxed atmosphere, nice people, a simply extraordinary place. Delicious food for vegans and vegetarians as well as all meat lovers. Always fresh ingredients and the best quality. Friendly hosts who are there for you.

By default, all burgers are topped with lettuce, red onions and tomatoes. When it comes to burger buns, you have the choice between sourdough, multigrain and breadless. You choose the actual burger from the categories vegan, vegetarian, grilled chicken breast and grilled beef. As already mentioned, all dishes have fairytale names such as nature boys, sunset glow, goatherds or just Hans im Glueck.

Burger with sweet potatoe fries Hans im Glück
The lunch menu (until 5 p.m.) is served together with a side dish (Geleit, Krautknolle or fries – explanation in the next paragraph), as well as a thirst quencher or small beer and a hot drink of your choice. The price results from the burger price plus 5.80 euros – sweet potato fries cost 1 euro extra. Burger prices are between 7.20 and 8.90 euros. Therefore the lunch menu costs between 13 and 14.70 euros.

The supper menu includes a cocktail of your choice in addition to the burger and side dish. The price for this consists of the burger price plus 8.80 euros.

I’ve already briefly mentioned the side dishes. Geleit is a mixed salad with nut dressing and Krautknolle is coleslaw with potato dressing. There is also oven-warm house bread with a sauce of your choice and various fries. If you want a little something to share, you can order house bread with Parma ham, hay milk cheese and grilled vegetables including a sauce of your choice, or house bread with three types of cheese, caramelized onions and a sauce.

In addition to various extras for burgers and fries as well as a number of vegan or vegetarian sauces, there is also a decent selection of salads. All are served with sprouts, seeds and bread stick.

Peculiarities of Hans im Glueck

As already mentioned, Hans im Glueck has several parallels with Peter Pane. A specialty is the section “Korngesund” = “right as grain” a pun. A mix of barley, lentils, chickpeas, quinoa & edamame with herb sauce & apple-balsam dressing and mixed salad with nut dressing & bread stick. Depending on the dish, there is also cheese, mushroom or the like included. Chicken breast, fried egg, bacon and so on can be added at an additional cost.


There are also a few special features here. Kuchenfein is the name of a vegan cake with fruit salad for 4.50 euros and for a surcharge of 1.30 euros with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Or the Lausbub which is mom’s vegan biscuit dough for snacking with fruit compote for 4.20 euros.

The range of drinks

non alcoholic cocktail Hans im Glueck
As already mentioned, when you order a menu you get one or two drinks along with it. Under the thirst quencher section you will find Iced tea and lemonades. “Refreshing” includes common non-alcoholic drinks such as Coca-Cola and mineral water.

The “tingling” hides one or the other alcoholic drink, for example the nightingale – Aperol, Strawberry, Prosecco, Soda, Balsamico & Basil.

In addition to wine and beer, you will also find plenty of alcoholic and some non-alcoholic cocktails.


A decent burger shop with an interesting atmosphere. For Berlin standards, burger prices are in the upper middle range. There is a nice selection for vegetarians and vegans. Of course, this cannot quite keep up with the beef burgers.

The service was very friendly, the attention was very good at the beginning, but it waned somewhat towards the end of our visit. The kitchen was extremely quick and provided us with solid burgers. I would say that you can’t go wrong with a visit to Hans im Glück.

Info – Hans im Glueck



Payment: cash and cards

As of 02/2020, Hans im Glueck has got 2 restaurants in Berlin. All other sites in Germany, Switzerland and Austria you can find via their homepage.

Central Station

Address: Europaplatz 1, 10557 Berlin

Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 8:00 – 24:00h

Phone: +49 (0)30 23930903

E-mail: hauptbahnhof@hansimglueck-burgergrill.de

Mercedes Platz

Address: Hedwig-Wachenheim-Straße 12, 10243 Berlin

Opening hours: Sun – Thu, 11:00 – 24:00h // Fri – Sat, 11:00 – 01:00h

Phone: +49 (0)30 403635700

E-mail: mercedesplatz@hansimglueck-burgergrill.de

Jim Block at Burger Special Berlin

This shop comes from the origin of all burgers namely the Hanseatic city of Hamburg and calls itself the Hamburg original. It is therefore obvious that Hamburg also has most of the Jim Block restaurants. To be precise, there are currently 9 of them. The two shops in Berlin are right next to the Zoopalast and in the pedestrian zone on Wilmersdorfer Straße.

Since Jim Block has also been selling vegan burgers for some time, our Hamburg friends are now finding their way into the Burger Special Berlin.

Jim Block – The Burgers

Burger Special Berlin - Burger mit Champignons und geschmorten Zwiebeln
As it should be, you’ll find a classic hamburger and cheeseburger on the menu. By default, the burgers come with 125 g prime beef. You can also order chicken (+ € 2), the veggie patty made from pumpkin and chia seeds or the beefless patty (+ € 2) instead. The latter two are vegan by the way, which is indicated by a green V-shaped leaf in a white circle on the menu. The prices for the burgers are between just under 6 euros and 11 euros without any extras.

For a vegan burger, the classic hamburger, hot salsa and mushroom without cheese are best suited. The Jim Block Sauce – a kind of tartar sauce – is also vegan. Jim Block writes the following about the relatively new beefless patty made in-house: “We have developed a meat substitute patty that does not contain any additives or flavors. The base of the patty consists of sunflower, pea and field bean proteins and mushrooms. It has a high protein and fiber content, is low in calories and tastes confusingly similar to real meat”.

Burger Pommes Cola Ketchup
In addition to the standard program, there are always changing specials, such as the currently available JB All Star burger with pulled beef. If you want to forego the carbohydrates in the burger bun, you can also order your burger “No Bun”.

The combo meal has a surcharge of € 3.50, for which you get french fries or 2 JB breads and a 0.3 l soft drink. For kids there is a Jim Block Mini + french fries + ketchup + 0.3 l soft drink for a whopping € 7.

The side dishes and extras

We already had the fries – by the way, they are very long and thin at Jim Block. Baked potatoes with sour cream, grilled vegetables and grilled mushrooms are a bit more unusual side dishes. We have seen the more common cole slaw and salad several times in the Burger Special Berlin.

Of course, the burgers can be pimped up with extra patties, cheese, bacon, jalapeños and various sauces.


It is interesting that in addition to Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, there are also Fritz Cola and Limos available. That is probably for the reason that Fritz is also based in Hamburg. You can get beer – without specifying from which brand – and wine as well.


On the receipt, which you get at the counter after placing your order, there is no number but the name of a street or other kind of place. These are called out as soon as you can pick up your food.

Deko jim Block Motive aus der Nachbarschaft
The decor is very straight forward. Wooden tables and red imitation leather benches. The restaurants are decorated with pictures of places in the area. In the case of Wilmersdorfer Straße these are e.g. a picture of the Siemenssteg or the Dreieck Funkturm motorway intersection.

There are no desserts or other sweets, but you can have coffee (cappuccino and latte macchiato). Jim Block is committed to sustainability and environmental protection. This is why the packaging for the take away business is almost entirely made of cardboard. In the restaurant, meals are served on ceramic plates and drinks are served in a glass. Jim Block also takes a stand against racism, sexism, homophobia and other marginalization of people. And they want to offer more and more vegan, vegetarian, regional and seasonal alternatives.


Very tasty burgers in a decent size. So far, I’ve always been full after a combo meal including a side dish. Since the burgers are freshly prepared for you, special requests are not a problem.

I think it’s great that Jim Block is committed to sustainability and the environment. That way they deserve a place in the burger special Berlin.

Delivery and Take Away
Burger Special Berlin - Jim Block take away

You can of course just go to one of the shops and order something. During the pandemic, Jim Block started with Online Take Away. This means that you can pre-order online for your desired pick-up time and pay immediately.

Info – Jim Block



Payment: cash and cards

As of 02/2021 Jim Block has 9 locations in Hamburg, 2 in Berlin and 1 in Hanover. You can find more information on the homepage, the two locations from the Burger Special Berlin can be found here:

JB Bikini Berlin

Address: Budapester Straße 38-50, 10787 Berlin

Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 11:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Phone: +49 30 26 39 39 05

JB Wilmersdorfer Straße

Address: Wilmersdorfer Straße 115-118, 10627 Berlin

Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 11:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Phone: +49 30 36 41 20 50



That’s it for now. But the “Burger Special Berlin” will soon be continued. I promise.