The story and concept of Peter Pane

Peter Pane is Burger Grill & Bar and from Flensburg to Munich and from Rügen to Vienna represented with currently 28 restaurants. Peter Pane has four locations in Berlin, and there is also a branch in Potsdam.

Peter Pane. Front sign.
The origin of Peter Pane lies in Lübeck. Here, in 1897, the Dampfbäckerei (steam bakery) Hansa was founded by the Junge family, which today is known as the “Stadtbäckerei”. Patrick Junge, who was managing partner for a while, sold his shares in 2012 and founded a company called Paniceus Gastro Systemzentrale. That was the birth of Peter Pane. The word Pane (Italian for bread) on the one hand pays homage to the baker’s tradition of his family and, on the other hand, the concept of a playful and childlike lightness through its allusion to the fairytale character Peter Pan.

As far as covering the needs of different diets, Peter Pane pretty much embodies the ideal image for me. The majority of the population eats meat, so this part is the most represented one on the menu, but also vegetarians and vegans are well looked after. In addition, I would say, with the so-called “Breadless Burgers”, people with gluten intolerance are also offered an option.


Peter Pane Burger: Weltreise
The burgers clearly dominate the menu. Including, as already mentioned, the classic burgers with beef. There are a few chicken burgers and four variants of the so-called Breadless Burgers, which come just without bread. The offer is completed by a considerable number of vegetarian and vegan burgers. There are three types of bread to choose from. Sourdough, multigrain and classic brioche. The latter is not vegan.

All vegan foods are marked with a yellow V with a leaflet on the right. Incidentally, this also includes all the sauces that are available on the table in a small wooden box reminiscent of a treasure chest.

The food offer includes several salads, side dishes and snacks. The fries are listed as a separate category and can sometimes replace a main meal. For example, the pound of fries with two sauces of your choice or beef plus cheese fries.

…and drinks

The beverage offer is very extensive. In addition to the many well-known soft drinks I would like to highlight the homemade thirst quenchers. These include lemonades and ice teas. The range of alcoholic beverages is even greater, ranging from popular aperitifs such as Aperol Spritz and Hugo, to beer, wine, cocktails and long drinks, to spirits.


The lunch offer is available until 5 pm. Variation one consists of a classic burger with three different patties to choose from plus a small side dish plus a homemade thirst quencher. That’s all there for 9.50 euros. In variant two, you select the burger of your choice plus fries, salad or nachos plus a soft drink or a small beer and finally a hot drink or frozen yoghurt. Here 5.90 euros are added to the price of the Burger.

Also in the evening you can save money, if you go for the menu. A Burger or a salad plus fries, salad or nachos plus cocktail or long drink for the price of the burger plus 8.90 euros.

Incidentally, there is a separate menu for children. Just ask if it is not automatically brought to your table anyway, in case children are present.

I find the offers for two especially amusing. The champagne menu consists of the burger or salad of your choice, sweet potato fritters plus two dips and a 0.375 liter bottle of rosé champagne. The Herrengedeck (a term usually used for a pint and a chaser) is something for the really hungry ones. Everyone gets a huge macho nacho burger, a beer of their choice and a pound of chips with two dips to share.

The ambient

The furniture is relatively simple and straightforward. Dark wooden tables and benches. Nevertheless, the lighting and decoration make it a cozy place. The ceiling is suspended by wide wooden bands interwoven with each other. The room, which gets structure through different levels, is divided by leafy trees.

Peter Pane interior. Wooden benches and table, cosy light supported by indirect lighting.


If you like burgers, chips or salad, you are well looked after here, whether you eat meat, eat vegetarian or vegan. On my previous visits to Peter Pane restaurants, the service was always quite good. The food and drinks were always brought to the table quickly.

During a visit to the branch in Schloßstraße we had a very nice experience with our waitress Ella. She really took great care of us. If you’re reading this, thanks again, dear Ella.

Finally, it should be mentioned that most dishes and cocktails were provided with imaginative names. Who does not start dreaming by the names white hores cavalier, fairy wings, playground and panpipe?

You are an absolute burger lover? Then I’m sure you will like the Burger Special Berlin.



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