Café con amore is a small neighborhood café with roughly 30 seats. As it is a large room, it can be a bit more turbulent when it is full. Everyone can feel comfortable here. If you come alone and want a little break from the hectic everyday life or want to make yourself cozy and read the papers, you’re right here. Just as well as when you show up with kids, because even the little ones are taken care of.

Café con amore. Dog on the floor.

The ambient

As already mentioned, the Café con amore consists of a large room that can be entered from the street via a few steps. A bright floorboard and a colorful mix of wooden tables and chairs, some of which are painted white and partly natural, awaits you. Together with the white walls, this results in a bright and friendly impression. A violet two-seater in the far right front gives the room a splash of color.

The counter is in the back on the right hand side and immediately catches your eye as you enter the café. More precisely, the cakes and biscuits that are presented there right at the beginning. On the left side there are the majority of the tables, here you will find a bench along the wall, which extends over the entire width of the room. These are the most popular seats in my opinion since we all want to have our backs free.

In the warm season you will find a few tables outside in front of the restaurant. If you want sun, you should come in the morning. I guess that from noon on there will be shade, which in summer, of course, is beneficial.

Café con amore flowers. Two yellow and red tulips in a vase.

The culinary offer at Café con amore

I personally love coffee and cake in café con amore. But let’s start with breakfast. There are four standard breakfasts to choose from. La Dolce for the little hunger includes a croissant, butter, sweet spread of your choice and some fruits. Followed by La Piccola, La Veganista and Il Grande for 2 including freshly squeezed orange juice. In addition to 2 eggs in the glass you still got the possibility of an individually composed breakfast, where you can choose from the list of mainly organic products and the organic pastry to your heart’s content.

Those who like it even healthier can choose from the “Frutta e altro” section, ie fruit and co., for example fruit salad and muesli.

For lunch there are different, mostly vegan soups available. The daily offer can be found on a blackboard. The standard offer includes an organic spinach quiche with fresh salad of the season. In addition, there are more quiches or casseroles on the daily menu and some salads in the standard offer. As a snack, you can have Tramezzini and “Biostullen” – organic stack bread.

The cake offer includes New York cheesecake, Italian almond cake and a cherry nut cake. Many of them are gluten-free or vegan and marked accordingly on the menu.

The coffee comes from Tres Cabezas a Berlin specialties roastery. You can also take it home – whole or ground. And if you’d rather take it with you “to go” and bring your own cup, you’ll get a discount of 30 cents.

When we are already with the drinks there are of course other hot drinks available. Chocolate and teas. Hot lemon and fresh ginger tea with freshly squeezed lemon or orange or fresh mint with honey. If you prefer something cold, then there’s also iced coffee and iced chocolate and of course also organic juices and juice spritzers.


The Café con amore is a nice, small neighborhood café. It offers only vegetarian and vegan food and drinks. Most of it in organic quality. The homemade cakes are delicious. It also is a good place to have your breakfast and lunch. By the way, there is no WiFi.

When you are exited about Café con amore I am sure Café Wohn(t)raum will be interesting for you as well.


Info – Café con amore

Address: Gierkezeile 31, 10585 Berlin, Germany

Opening hours: Tue – Sun, 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm


Phone: +491638282269

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