Premiere succeeded

The Japan Food Festival Berlin took place for the first time and was well received by the Berlin audience. The festival was well attended on both days and all the exhibitors I talked with were very satisfied.

Were you there for yourself? If yes, then write a comment how you liked it! And if you have not made it this time, I can reassure you. The organizer Christian Wagner told me that there is certainly a sequel. But you don’t have to wait so long, of course, I will share a few impressions with you.

Japan Food Festival Berlin 2019 – Review

Of course the food was in the focus. At the location – the Urania – a wide range of Japanese food culture was presented both indoors and outdoors in the courtyard.

Outside – freshly cooked

The weather was wonderful because it was dry but not too hot. In the courtyard of the Urania numerous stalls and food trucks were built-up, so what the Japanese call a “Matsuri” took place there. Everything which is associated with steam and heat was prepared here and what would have made some smoke alarms whistling.

Takoyaki preparation


From the length of the queue I would say the most popular ones were Ayumi Ayabe’s stall with its takoyaki (Japanese dough balls with squid, spring onion and ginger) and Samurai Spoon’s Japanese pancakes with cabbage, spring onions and samurai dough – the classic, vegan version – or with bacon & cheese or sprinkled with Katsuoboshi (Japanese fish specialty).

Anyone who has ever been to the street food market in the Kulturbrauerei might know Kitchen Mine with its Korokke (Japanese corkettes). Also TocTocFood with their filled, fish-shaped waffles called Taiyaki I have seen in Berlin before. Kame Berlin, a Japanese bakery and café, was represented in the outdoor area with a Rice Burger stand and offered various Japanese drinks and baked goods inside. Another well-known name in Berlin is Ishin. Sushi, udon soup, curry with udon and curry with rice and skewers were offered here.

Inside – freshly rolled and much more

Of course, at the Japan Food Festival Berlin a classic sushi provider was not missing. Mr. Hai was allowed to spoil the audience on the first floor of Urania with freshly rolled sushi. By the way, there were also matcha cupcakes on offer here. Speaking of matcha, of course, there was a variety of forms available at the festival. You could have it as tea, latte and in mixed drinks or in various cake creations.

Mr. Hai sushi preparation - Japan Food Festival Berlin 2019

I also found the Raw Sweets by Reiwa Erika very interesting. Matcha was also used here. On one of the pictures at the top you can see the Matcha Chocolate Cake.

There were several stalls selling Japanese food to take home, including Nissin Foods with its Cup Noodles or Kreyenhop + Kluge who even had a Miso machine at the start. This works like a coffee machine, just instead of coffee comes out just miso soup.

Of course another must have were Japanese dishes. There were beautiful chopsticks sets, bento boxes, bowls and tea accessories available.

The supporting program of the Japan Food Festival Berlin 2019

Taiko drummers

Taiko drummers

The food was the focus, but of course there was also an entertainment program. For me, the taiko drummers stood in front of all. It was a group from Hamburg, who probably already appeared at the Japan Festival. Really impressive. They formed the reception committee for me, since they were drumming outside the entrance of Urania just when I arrived.

I think the entertainment program was generally well received by children. Many have been fascinated by origami folding on the first floor. It has also taken over child care for some parents for a short time. Popular with young and old were the martial artists with true-to-life equipment.

Last but not least, the program was rounded off by a few workshops.

Japan Food Festival Berlin 2019 – Key Facts

Christian Wagner and I - Japan Food Festival Berlin 2019

Christian Wagner and I

Location: Urania Berlin, An der Urania 17, 10787 Berlin

Date: 7th and 8th of September, 2019

Organizer: Christian Wagner

Program: Complete List of all exhibitors



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