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Brew Dog Berlin is an offshoot of the brewery founded in 2007 by two beer enthusiasts in Fraserburgh, Scotland. They started out very small, hand bottling and selling in local markets. Since then, the craft beer brewery has had a fabulous history. Brew Dog has had a bar in Berlin since 2016 and the brewery in Mariendorf was added in 2019. You can read more about the story here.

The location of Brew Dog Berlin Mariendorf

Brew Dog Berlin Wandmalerei
Main building

The grand hall of Brew Dog at Marienpark is really impressive. A huge brick building with the big bar in the middle and all around different seating, duckpin bowling alleys, shuffleboards and an area with old video game and pinball machines. On the gallery is the Beer School, where beer seminars are held. About half of the hall is separated by a glass wall, behind which the brewery is located.

Brew Dog Berlin Foyer
The foyer is home to the Brew Dog Shop with beer to go in bottles and cans as well as numerous devotional items such as T-shirts and sweaters or metal signs. Immediately behind it and also in the foyer is the beer museum, where you can learn a lot about the history of the amber fluid.

Brew Dog kleiner Saal - Lounge
In another separate room in the main hall there is a lounge area, the so-called Library Bar, with its own bar and comfortable sofas. This part is great for events. As far as I can tell, this room was also used for co-working until the beginning of the pandemic. On the website you can still find the Desk Dog offer with WiFi, endless coffee and a Punk IPA at the end of the day for a total of 9 euros .

Brew Dog Berlin Marienpark Wegweiser
No wonder that there are signposts in the hall, because that’s not all. It still goes on.

Brew Dog Berlin outdoor facilities and outbuildings

Brew Dog Berlin Gastgarten - Garden
Last but not least, there is the beautiful outdoor dining area at the front of the building. The entrance is just below the huge mural. There are two levels. The first one, right next to the building, is just a handful of tables. Everything is overgrown with trees and bushes, which results in some nice niches. Somewhere in between there is also the stairs down to the second level, on which there are more tables and lots of nice corners.

Brew Dog Berlin Gartenhaus
You will also find more play options on the first level, parked behind the building. A giant chess and a mini golf course. A little further from the main building is a small house that was probably used as a carriage hall in the past and is now called the garden house. This building has a ceiling height of up to 7 meters and can be rented as a cool event location.

The food at Brew Dog Berlin

The menu is clearly laid out on an A4 page. It contains the categories burgers, wings, bowls, salads, pizzas and desserts. So maybe it’s a kind of extended pub menu. For the little ones there is the Hoppy Meal, which is based on the one hand on the children’s menu of the well-known burger chain from the US and on the other hand obviously on beer.

Brew Dog Berlin Tandoori Lamb Burger
There is at least one vegan dish in almost every category. Wings are also made from cauliflower and seitan. The burgers are made with either jackfruit, beyond meat or also seitan. The avocado and feta bowl is optionally also available vegan and there is even a vegan variant of the pizzas, namely the “Vegan Spicy Meaty”.

All dishes are marked. V stands for vegetarian and VE for vegan. When food gets a little hotter, you’ll find a chilli pepper next to the it.

During our visit, we opted for burgers and wings. You can find photos of the cauliflower wings below in the specials section or at the top in the picture carousel the two white bowls with a blue border. There you can also see the Patriot Burger with beef and bacon. The burger photo next to here shows the Tandoori Lamb Burger. We were all very happy with our choice. With the cauliflower wings, I liked the variant with the spicy, hot buffalo sauce best.


Brew Dog Beer Menu
How could it be otherwise in a brewery restaurant, the focus is clearly on beer. And there are several types of it. On the daily beer menu, called “Daily Draft”, you will find all the beers that are currently available. The selection is broad and ranges from lager and pils to pale ale and IPA. A paradise for all beer lovers.

Brew Dog Zwickel Helles
But you don’t have to buy a pig in a poke. The service staff will be happy to bring you a tasting glass (see picture above). So you can easily find out your favorite beer. Since I’m a lager fan, I opted for a Zwickel Helles, but I also tasted Elvis Juice, which is an IPA with grapefruit notes, and Hazy Jane, an NEIPA with mango and pineapple notes.

By the way, they have also got a small but fine selection of ciders. The one which I have tasted is called Dead & Berried. A very fruity cider with wild berries.

Brew Dog Berlin Specials

As I said, the Brew Dog has a decent selection of vegan dishes. In line with this, the 2-for-1 plant-based special of Vegan Monday takes place every week. The offer two for the price of one applies to all vegetarian and vegan dishes. These include the vegan burgers with seitan, jackfruit or Beyond Meat patties, the vegan Spicy Meaty Pizza, the cauliflower wings and much more.

Brew Dog Berlin Blumenkohl Wings
On Wings Wednesday there’s all you can eat wings for 12 euros. That goes with both the classic chicken wings as well as the cauliflower and seitan wings. That means the vegetarians and vegans also get their money’s worth on Wednesday. You can see the cauliflower wings here in the photo. They serve the wings with spicy and hot buffalo sauce, Korean BBQ sauce & onion kimchi or Cajun lemon. You can also order the wings in portions of 5, 7 or 12 on other days of the week.

The brewery tour is a must for all beer lovers. It takes you on a 75-minute journey of discovery through the world of beers. You will spend about 45 minutes on tour and then do a 30-minute tasting where you can try 3 of the most popular beers.


A mega cool location that is worth the relatively long journey from the city center. Huge selection of locally brewed beers that will make every beer lover’s heart beat faster. The menu is very pleasing, has numerous vegetarian or vegan options and suits a brewery restaurant. The service is very attentive and helpful. All in all, you can take a wonderful break from the hustle and bustle of the big city at Brew Dog Berlin in Marienpark and enjoy an evening with beer and burgers or one of the other comfort foods. The Brew Dog is also highly recommended for events of all kinds.



Info – Brew Dog Berlin

Address: Im Marienpark 23, 12107 Berlin

Opening hours: Mon, Wed, Thu, 4 p.m. – 10 p.m. // Fri, 2 p.m. – 12 a.m. // Sat, 12 p.m. – 12 a.m. // Sun, 12 p.m. – 10 p.m. // Tue closed (Status 08/2021. Opening hours can change at any time. Please check the website!)


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