Are you also a sushi lover? But you don’t like fish and certainly not raw fish or you no longer eat fish due to the exposure to heavy metals and microplastics or you eat a purely plant-based diet. Wonderful, then the article “The best vegan sushi” is just right for you. We’ll start with Berlin and will gradually add to it. Potsdam is already on the list. Have fun!

Table of Contents – The best vegan sushi

Secret Garden

Secret Garden Eingang
As the first restaurant looking for the best vegan sushi, we visited the Secret Garden in Berlin Friedrichshain. It is not far from the S-Bahn and U-Bahn station Warschauer Straße and is on the first floor of the building in which Veganz also operates one of its vegan supermarkets.

Das beste vegane Sushi - Secret Garden Zen Garden Table
As you can see in the first picture, the interior is entirely in Japanese style. If you come in on the right, you can sit nicely by the window and look at the forecourt or the Warsaw Bridge. In the middle of the restaurant, directly opposite the entrance, there is a separate room. The room behind, in which we sat, has three glass tables in the middle that can be combined to form a long table. The highlight of these tables is the moss, which is located under the glass plates (see picture). There is also a small Zen garden in one corner of the room.

Secret Garden – Sushi Creations

Das beste vegane Sushi - Secret Garden Platte für zwei
Since everything is vegan here, the creations are of course accordingly unusual. In contrast to many “normal” sushi restaurants, which usually only serve vegan sushi with cucumber, avocado or radish, you will find many wonderful sushi variants at Secret Garden.

Secret Garden kreatives veganes Sushi - Angry Samurai
Of course, there are also the simpler Maki Sushi here – you can find them in the picture with the wooden plate at the bottom – but even these are still excellent compared to conventional sushi restaurants. In my opinion, it gets really interesting with the Inside Out and Tempura Roll. On the above picture at the top and in the middle on the left. I made a close-up of the Angry Samurai Inside Out with black rice, avocado, mango, spring onion, plucked soy strips and on top Asian coleslaw as well as tomato and manog chili sauce. These are really small works of art, aren’t they?

Das beste vegane Sushi - Secret Garden Platte für vier mit show effekt
The one on the wooden board a little further up is one of the signature plates, namely the “bliss” (Glückseligkeit) for 2 for € 36. If you want more and are at least four people, then I recommend you to take a “social get-together” (Geselliges Beisammensein) for 4 for € 65. In general, they make a little show for larger orders and on request. Then your sushi order is fogged with dry ice. Definitely a feast for the eyes. You should not miss that. By the way, on the fog picture you can see the plate for 4 people, which is served on a kind of cake stand.

Of course, all sushi variations can also be ordered individually. Usually 4 or 8 pieces, the maki are 6 pieces and the nigiri are available individually.

Secret Garden Getränke - Rosenzauber
For the sake of completeness, it should be said here that there are also numerous starters that you can find in the appetizers section. In the main course category you will also find some warm dishes, such as curry, udon noodles and a spicy, hot soup.

I have another drink tip for you. Try the rose magic tea (Rosenzauber Tee) (see photo)! It’s really sensational.

Info – Secret Garden

Address: Warschauer Straße 33, 10243 Berlin

Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 12 p.m. – 10 p.m. (Attention: As of September 19, 2021 on Sundays they are open from 1 p.m.)

Phone: 030 97002218



Tiger Club vegan Sushi

Tiger Club Sushi - das beste vegane Sushi
The second restaurant that I would like to introduce to you is also a good candidate for the best vegan sushi. Tiger Club is located on Knesebeckstrasse in Charlottenburg, not far from Ernst-Reuter-Platz. The picture in the carousel at the very beginning of the article with the label “vegan sushi” also comes from there.

The interior is rather simple and unspectacular. In the warm season you can sit outside wonderfully. The garden is large and framed by some potted plants.

Tiger Club – Sushi

So let’s get straight to the point. Just like in Secret Garden, everything here is vegan. So you can confidently eat your way up and down the menu here too.

Tiger Club Sushi Set mit Sommerrollen im Hintergrund
With the maki you can choose from over 10 different types. In addition to a classic – the avocado maki – there are numerous creative combinations. This ranges from cucumber, red cabbage and carrots to beetroot and mango to jackfruit chili mayo. 6 pieces cost between € 3.30 and € 4.50.

The nigiri cost € 1.70 each and are made with mango, shiitake, inari and a few other ingredients. The nigiri gunkan are a little more elaborate and cost € 2.90 each. There is, for example, avocado with mango, mint and seasoned seitan.

Of course you can also find inside out. They are mostly made with the same ingredients as the maki. The Inside Out Black Sea caught my eye in particular. They are made with black sesame seeds, seaweed salad, and caviar. The prices range between € 6.30 and € 9 for 8 pieces each.

Tiger Club Tiger Rolls - das beste vegane Sushi
It gets really interesting with the so-called tiger rolls. These are the flagships among the Tiger Club sushi creations and are sure to play a part in the league of the best vegan sushi. The names are also very creative and usually reveal at least the main ingredient. There is, for example, Avo Maria with mango seitan, vegan cheese, fresh mint, avocado coating and teriyaki sauce. In the picture you can see The Beetles with avocado, inari, beetroot, cucumber and carrot coat marinated in olive oil with chili mayonnaise. You can get four of them for € 6.50 each.

Other food at Tiger Club

Summer Roll und Inside Out
Among the starters you will find summer rolls, glass noodle salad, edamame but also soups and dumplings. Unfortunately, the summer roles weren’t that good on our last visit. On previous visits, however, they were great – well filled and with a delicious peanut sauce – 2 pieces for € 4.80 (see photo).

There are also cold and warm bowls. The cold ones each with fresh salad and either rice, edamame, glass noodles or rice noodles as a base. Cost € 11.50. The warm ones are prepared with udon noodles, fresh vegetables and various sauces, for example. They all cost € 12.50 and are always a good choice if you want something warm.


I think the Tiger Club is basically very good and if you are in the area, definitely a recommendation. Both the sushi and the other foods are generally very tasty. On our last visit, however, we were a bit disappointed. Hopefully just a one time thing.

In direct comparison with Secret Garden, I have to say that the sushi creations at Secret Garden were a bit more sophisticated and the presentation was a lot better. Nonetheless, as I said, Tiger Club offers very tasty and creative sushi, making it way ahead of “The best vegan sushi”.

Info – Tiger Club

Address: Knesebeck Straße 99a, 10623 Berlin

Opening hours: Mon – Sat, 12 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Phone: 030 32766570