Are you looking for places where vegans and non-vegans can have a delicious breakfast? No matter if you are here for the DNX, new in Berlin or living here for a long time, this breakfast special Berlin is meant for you. It will give you an overview of cool breakfast places spread throughout the city. Of course I can not mention all the restaurants. If you have a place that you find particularly good and in your opinion absolutely must be mentioned, share it with us in the comments! Then we all can take advantage of it and I will try to include this place in the list as soon as possible with the appropriate key data.

Partially, I link to existing blog posts, because I have already written about some of these places. At least you will always find a map and the most important information. Then have fun browsing the breakfast special Berlin and “good hunger”.

Breakfast Special Berlin – Overview

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Zimt & Zucker Potsdamer Straße (Tiergarten)

This is one of my absolute favorites. It is very stylish, the food is good and the service is generally very fast and friendly. My favorite breakfast is called “Swing”, that’s the vegan breakfast here. I think the picture says it all. If you want a small breakfast, I recommend the vegan croissant. The coffee comes from Tres Cabezas. Incidentally, the non-vegans have a much wider choice.

Info – Zimt & Zucker Potsdamer Straße

Address: Potsdamer Straße 103, 10785 Berlin

Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 9:30am – 10pm

Breakfast: No fixed times. Kitchen open till 9pm.

Prices: Breakfast 5,90 – 12,50 €, Espresso 2 €, Cappuccino 2,80 €

Phone: +49 30 28604277

Public transport: U1/U3 Kurfürstenstraße

Misc.: Too Good To Go, reusable to go cups, glass reusable straws.


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Café Wohntraum vegan breakfast

Café Wohntraum (Charlottenburg)

The small Kiezcafé on Karl-August-Platz is very cozy and offers delicious homemade cakes. Many of them are vegan. There are several breakfasts including a vegan one (see photo). Because there is not much space, all of them are served on beautiful, self-made etageres.

Only suitable for small groups up to 8 people. When the weather is nice, the capacity doubles, because there are about the same number of seats outside. The cafe is located in my neighborhood and therefore it can’t miss in the breakfast special Berlin. But I can really recommend Café Wohntraum anyway.

Info – Café Wohntraum

Address: Weimarer Straße 35, 10625 Berlin

Opening hours: Mon – Wed 10am – 6pm, Sat – Sun 10am – 5pm

Breakfast: All day long

Prices: Breakfast 4,50 – 7,10 €, Espresso 2 €, Cappuccino 2,80 €

Phone: +49 178 77 11 649

Public Transport: U2 Deutsche Oper

Misc.: Too Good To Go, reusable to go cups


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Benedict – 24/7 Breakfast (Wilmersdorf)

A breakfast special Berlin would not be complete without the Benedict. After all, everything revolves around breakfast and that 24 hours a day. The selection is very large and in addition to some classics it also has a lot of pancake variations and of course Eggs Benedict on the menu. The prices are a bit upscale, but a hot drink or Mimosa is already included and water and pastries you can get as much as you want. Who is not getting full here…

At the main breakfast times it can happen that you have to wait for a table in this stylish restaurant. Unfortunately, reservations are not accepted or only from 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Incidentally, bread and pastries come from the in-house bakery, which has its own sales counter. There you can also get something for on the way or at home and of course your coffee to go.

Info – Benedict

Address: Uhlandstraße 49, 10719 Berlin

Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 24:00h

Breakfast: Around the clock

Prices: 12,60 € (vegan breakfast) – 38,50 € (Steak n Eggs Texas Style) all incl. 1 hot drink or 1 Mimosa, unlimited pastries and water, mostly incl. a small salad

Phone: +49-30-9940-40997

Public transport: U3/U9 Spichernstraße, U3 Hohenzollernplatz



Golden Porridge im Spreegold

Spreegold (Prenzlauerberg, Mitte, Charlottenburg)

The Spreegold covers everything from breakfast to the nightcap. Because of that I called it “Jack of all trades” in my blog post. The locations are well distributed throughout the city. Prenzlauerberg, Mitte (Alexanderplatz), Charlottenburg (Bikinihaus).

The breakfast selection is huge. Many digital nomads have been to Bali. Their hearts will beat faster with the Ubud porridges. All vegans will find themselves something here, as well as in the category of yoghurts and acais, which are mostly gluten-free in addition. This section is followed by a lot of egg dishes (poached eggs, omelets and scrambled eggs). That’s not all. The menu of Spreegold also features pancakes, shakshuka, huevos rancheros, full english breakfast, and the so-called stack breads. By the way, everything is very well marked. Vegan, lactose free, gluten free and paleo.

Even with the drinks there is a huge selection. From classic coffee variations to goldenvVanilla turmeric latte, organic matcha latte and fresh ginger-lemon tea, there’s just about everything your heart desires. Of course you will also find healthy shakes and smoothies here. Nothing stands in the way of a good start into the day.

Info – Spreegold

Spreegold Prenzlauerberg

Address: Stargarder Straße 82, 10437 Berlin

Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 7:30am – 12am // Sat – Sun + holidays, 8am – 12am

Spreegold Mitte

Address: Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 2, 10178 Berlin

Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 7:30am – 12am // Sat – Sun + holidays, 8am – 12am

Spreegold Charlottenburg at Bikini Berlin

Address: Budapester Straße 50, 10787 Berlin

Opening hours

Self services ground floor: Mon – Fri, 7:30am – 10pm // Sat – Sun + holidays, 8am – 10pm

Restaurant 1st floor: Mon – Sun + holidays, 9am – 12am

Bar DarwinsLab 2nd floor: Mon – Thu, 5pm – 1am // Fri – Sat, 5pm – 2am // Sun, 5pm – 12am

Terrace 2nd floor: Mon – Fri, 12pm – 12am // Sat – Sun + holidays, 11am – 12am


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Isla Coffee (Neukölln)

In the Breakfast Special Berlin, of course, places with a focus on sustainability can’t be missing. Take a closer look at the coffee cup! Here on the photo or if you are at Isla Coffee. They are made of coffee grounds. 🙂 The ingredients of the food are mostly organic, regional, seasonal and are fully utilized. Incidentally, I got to know the café in 2018 during a DNX pre-event.

Isla Coffee is very purist in the front area. Large glass windows are letting a lot of light into the room. Here is also the counter, where you order your breakfast. Or rather, your brunch. For there are dishes that would be more like breakfast, such as Egg On Rye, Mushrooms On Toast (vegan) and Spring Granola, but also lunch dishes, such as Savory Beetroot Loaf and Early Spring Salad (vegan).

When the weather is nice, it’s best to sit in the yard. There you will not notice the hectic hustle and bustle on Hermannstraße and can really relax.

Info – Isla Coffee

Address: Hermannstraße 37, 12049 Berlin-Neukölln

Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 8am – 5pm // Sat – Sun, 9am – 6pm

Breakfast: Mon – Fri, 8am – 4pm // Sat – Sun, 9am – 4pm

Prices: Food 4 – 10 €, Espresso 1,90 €, Cappuccino 2,80 €


Public transport: U8 Boddinstraße

Misc.: W-LAN, card payment

No Website (refer to Facebook)

The Greens Coffee Bar

The Greens (Mitte)

At The Greens there are many vegan options available from croissant to soup. For a relaxed breakfast in a surrounding with many plants you can choose from Chiapudding (vegan), rice pudding (vegan), homemade Power Balls and cakes as well as fresh natural sourdough breads. There is organic fair trade coffee and of course a lot of other drinks. It may not be a classic breakfast bar, but I still wanted to add it to the Breakfast Special Berlin.

This lovingly designed café at Alte Münze Berlin is just a stone’s throw away from Alexanderplatz, yet away from the hustle and bustle. As the name suggests, there is a lot of greens here. Incidentally, you can also buy the plants. Those of you who like it even more quiet, take the place directly above the coffee bar. A narrow, steep staircase leads to this hidden place.

Info – The Greens

Address: Am Krögel 2, 10179 Berlin (Alte Münze)

Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 10am – 6pm // Sat – Sun, 12pm – 6pm

Prices: Espresso 2 €, Cappuccino 2,9 €


Public transport: U2 Klosterstraße and S+U Alexanderplatz


Frühstück Special Berlin. Café Rix

Café Rix (Neukölln)

This is a café with a long existence. It reminds me a lot of the classic Viennese coffee houses and all that can be found in the middle of Neukölln. 🙂 High ceiling, large mirrors, crystal chandeliers, dim lighting, classic coffee house furniture, newspapers. It shares the location with the Heimathafen Neukölln an event location for all kinds of performances. During the warmer months you can make yourself comfortable in the beautiful courtyard in front of the Café Rix and leave behind the busy Karl-Marx-Straße.

For breakfast there is a lot to choose from and for reasonable prices as well. It starts with croissant or raisin bread rolls with butter and jam and ranges from bagels, muesli, baguette and pancake to breakfast Rix including a glass of sparkling wine. For vegans there is vegan muesli and the vegan breakfast on the menu. Incidentally, on Sundays and public holidays there is a brunch buffet from 10am to 2:30pm for 11.90 € per person.

Info – Café Rix

Address: Karl-Marx-Straße 141, 12043 Berlin

Opening hours: Mon – Sun, from 10am // Kitchen till 11:30pm

Breakfast: Mon – Sat, 10am – 5pm // Sun, Brunch, 12pm – 2:30pm

Prices: Breakfast 1,70 – 12,80 €, Espresso 2,10 €, Cappuccino 2,50 €

Phone: +49 30 686 90 20


Public transport: U7 Karl-Marx-Straße



Milch & Zucker (Kreuzberg & Friedrichshain)

Here the name is not necessarily the omen. You can eat and drink healthy here if you want. In addition to the obligatory caffeine supply, Milch & Zucker also offers healthy smoothies, for example. And thanks to Wi-Fi, both places are quite popular with Digital Nomads.

The breakfast offer is actually quite classic. There is a sweet, a cheese, a mixed and of course a vegan. The cereal bowl is served classic or vegan. In addition to some scrambled egg variations, there is also the Deluxe for 2. Enjoy your meal while watching the hustle and bustle on Oranien- or Warschauerstraße!

Info – Milch & Zucker


Address: Oranienstraße 37, 10999 Berlin

Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 7am – 8pm // Sat – Sun, 8am – 8pm

Phone: +49 30 61671497

Public transport: U1, U3, U8 Kottbusser Tor // M29 Oranienplatz



Address: Warschauer Str. 70, 10243 Berlin

Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 7am – 8pm // Sat – Sun, 8am – 8pm

Phone: +49 30 66766776

Public transport: U5 Frankfurter Tor // S+U Warschauer Straße // M10 Grünberger Straße


Prices: Breakfast 4,50 € (sweet) – 16,90 € (deluxe for 2), Espresso 1,60 €, Cappuccino 2,20 €



KuchenRausch (Friedrichshain)

KuchenRausch is located in the popular Simon-Dach Kiez on the corner of Simon-Dach-Straße and Boxhagener. As the name suggests, there is a wide selection of cakes here. These are made together with the bread and other pastries in the in-house bakery in the Wühlischstraße.

The breakfast menu has a lot to offer and that daily until 6 o’clock in the evening. It starts with croissant with butter, jam and fruits and goes via the gourmet breakfast to the vegan one. There are also two pages of egg dishes, a fruit salad and Bircher muesli.

In the warm season you can sit outside very nicely – in the sun or under shady trees, as you like.

Info – KuchenRausch

Address: Simon-Dach-Straße 1, 10245 Berlin

Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 9am – 11pm

Breakfast: Mon – Sun, 9am – 6pm

Prices: Breakfast 3,70 – 14,70 €, Espresso 1,90 €, Cappuccino 2,50 €


Phone: +49 30 55 95 38 55

Public transport: U5 Frankfurter Tor or Samariterstraße



Breakfast Special Berlin – Bakeries, bake shops and chains

You probably don’t always have enough time to have full breakfast or you just want to take a bite. For these cases, bakeries and bake shops are ideal. In addition to the big chains, which I’ll come to shortly, Berlin has a lot of owner-operated shops in many subway stations and on every corner. Beside your coffee you also get a lot of pastry and sandwiches there and usually at very low prices. For vegans, a pretzel is usually a safe option. Many of the shops also offer vegan sandwiches or how about a couscous salad?


I think almost everybody knows that chain and most of us have been to one of the Backwerk shops before. Here self-service is the rule. Sure, you can not expect a high bakery art here, but the selection is very large and there is a decent range of vegan sandwiches and bagels. By the way, if you bring your own cup, you’ll get a 10 cent discount on your coffee. The opening hours are variing from shop to shop. Many shops open at 6:00 or 7:00 am, in some stations even earlier.


Also known throughout Germany and frequently found in Berlin is Kamps. A branch is located near Betahaus in Rudi-Dutschke-Straße. Also at Kamps the opening hours are variing a lot. At the latest at 7am almost all shop are open. Vegan products are labeled accordingly. This includes a large part of the bread and rolls but apparently also the apple turnover and the socalled “Franzbrötchen” as well as the obligatory pretzels.

Impala Coffee

With four shops in Berlin Impala Coffee is of course one of the small players. I like it, because the coffee here has a decent quality and you can also work here with your computer quite well. The vegan offer is not very big. My favorite foods are the avocado bread and the date bar. If you want, you can have a bagel made for you according you desire.

Impala Coffee Avocado Bread

The locations are well distributed over Berlin. The origin of the coffee house was in Pappelallee. Today there are the following four locations:

  • SCHÖNHAUSER ALLEE 173, 10119 Berlin (Prenzlauerberg)
  • MAASSENSTRASSE 5, 10777 Berlin (Schöneberg)
  • WILMERSDORFER STRASSE 67, 10629 Berlin (Charlottenburg)
  • AKAZIENSTRASSE 26, 10823 Berlin (Schöneberg)

Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 7am – 7pm in Maaßenstraße till 8pm // Sat – Sun, 8am – 7pm / 8pm, Akazienstraße only opens at 9am