Until a few months ago, I only knew Spreegold as a café in Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse near Alexander Platz. Only since there is a store on Budapester Strasse in Bikini-Haus right next to the Zoo Palast, have I got to know this versatile café and restaurant better.

I will therefore report primarily from the store in Budapester Strasse, which extends over three floors and includes a roof terrace and a co-working space. However, you can assume that at least as far as the food and drinks are concerned, most of them can be transferred to the other two stores in Stargarder Strasse and Rosa-Luxemburg Strasse.

The coffee in between

That’s how I got to know Spreegold. We were there for a coffee in between and for this at the store in Budapester Strasse the ground floor is ideal. There are a few smaller tables next to the staircase and in the back area which is also accessible via the Bikini Berlin Concept Mall. The largest part of the front area is characterized by a long high table with stools, which clings to the glass front. Here you get your quick coffee or fresh smoothie and a bite to eat.


Golden Porridge with turmeric, cinnamon, mango, coconut, berries and mint.
If you decide to have breakfast at Spreegold, at first you’ll have to work through several pages of the menu. Nevertheless the choice was easy for me the first time. Since I was in Bali earlier this year, the Ubud porridges immediately attracted my attention. Under the motto “healthy into the day”, there are also Bircher mueslis and yogurts & acais in this category. Mostly vegan and lactose free. Everything is marked with special symbols.

Omlette with herbs, spinach and cherry tomatos
This is followed by dishes with eggs – poached eggs, omelettes, scrambled eggs and pancakes. But the breakfast menu is not over yet. It is continued by fried dishes such as shakshuka and stack breads – roasted sandwiches.

Have fun making your choice! 🙂

Lunch and dinner at Spreegold

Let’s continue with the also quite extensive offer of lunch and dinner dishes. It starts with various salads, where you can easily add on some extras. They are followed by homemade pasta, which can alternatively be replaced with vegetable pasta for Paleo fans and vegans.

Next we get to the burgers section. They are served with coleslaw and fries by default. There is also a vegetarian version with Halloumi and a vegan with a chickpea patty. Now we arrive at the steak department, where you can also find two dishes with chicken and one with king prawns. And last but not least we are looking forward to the dessert variations. Who doesn’t want to make a decision here, can choose “Death by Dessert” and gets served all the desserts to share – or rather eat them alone?

Haven’t got enough yet?

Spreegold Bikini roof top
Yes, yes, the Spreegold on Budapester Strasse has more to offer. On the top floor in the outdoor area adjoins the spacious roof terrace. It invites you to have a drink and some food on warm summer evenings. Besides the well-known cocktail and long-drink classics you are served some more rare drinks. Of course there is also beer – in the branch in Budapester Strasse even a lager from Hacker-Pschorr in Munich -, a large selection of wines and various soft drinks. There’s also matcha, vitamin shakes and handmade sodas available.

If it gets too cold outside, look for a warm place in the restaurant area on the first floor or around the nice bar on the second floor. The latter is the so-called Darwin’s Lab and sees itself as a classic bar, which is open from 5 p.m.

Co-Working Space Spreegold Charlottenburg
I almost forgot the co-working space on the first floor. But that has a reason. Whenever I’ve been there, this area has been closed. A sign said, visit us on our roof terrace. We know that the summer of 2018 was very hot and probably nobody wanted to work inside anyway. Nevertheless, I would like to try it once. Autumn and winter will certainly give us the opportunity. I’ll tell you about this area some other time. And if you have been there already, please write your impressions in the comments!

What are you saying?

Did I promise too much in the title of this post? Spreegold really is a jack of all trades, isn’t it? From breakfast to the nightcap everything is covered here. Write me about your experience with Spreegold! Which of the stores do you know and what are your favorite foods and drinks?


For more information visit www.spreegold.com!


Budapester Straße 50, 10787 Berlin

Prenzlauer Berg

Stargarder Straße 82, 10437 Berlin


Rosa-Luxembrug-Straße 2, 10178 Berlin

or take a look at the map ↓