Are you at home in the raw food scene? If not, this post may make you want to taste it.

Together with a friend I went to the asparagus menu at the Dinner Club by Boris Lauser. He is a term for most who are interested in a raw vegan diet as the raw food chef. Honestly, I had not heard of him before.

Since I am very curious and love good food, I was immediately enthusiastic. Of course, I wanted to know how to make a 5-star menu from raw food. And I can tell you that our taste buds were spoiled that night.

The concept

I find events on a smaller scale, such as the Dinner Club by Boris Lauser, simply great. You meet interesting people, have good conversations and can indulge in culinary delights. What more do you want?

The concept is also found under the name Supper Club and is not clearly defined as far as I know. It can be friends and acquaintances who meet regularly to have dinner together. Or it is a public event that anyone can sign up to, like the asparagus dinner by Boris Lauser.

Either the host cooks alone or all cook together in the host’s kitchen. The common feature is the small, private setting in which the dinner takes place.

Boris Lauser’s Dinner Club

Boris Lauser travels the world, offering his knowledge of raw, plant-based cooking in various ways. These include cooking classes such as the so-called “Raw Chef Academy”, a multi-day intensive course, retreats and wellness trips, gastro-consulting … and of course the dinner club. Incidentally, Boris Lauser is also patron of the ALGE Initiative (Alle lieben gesundes Essen – Everyone loves healthy food), about which I will report in one of my next posts.

The Dinner Club by Boris Lauser takes place in his Kreuzberg apartment. For this evening he creates a very special set menu. As he has told us, this happens less frequently than it used to be, but he can’t miss the asparagus season. Contrary to expectations, asparagus can also be eaten raw, it only depends on how you prepare it.

The set menu

The raw chef has really worked hard. As a welcome drink we got homemade kefir spritz with rhubarb. It was followed by several courses – one more interesting and fantastic than the other. My highlight were the pumpkin gnocchi with marinated sous vide asparagus and zucchini schnitzel. All kinds of high-end devices were used for the preparation. These include, for example, a dehydrator and a Pacojet.

Now let’s have a look at the menu in detail:

Mini Quiche

filled with young broad bean puree and asparagus ribbons



Cream of asparagus, young pea flan, dried bread cumbs, fresh herbs



from sprouted wild rice, buckwheat and kohlrabi in macadamia butter cream

marinated asparagus and mushrooms

wild garlic velouté


Main course

Pumpkin gnocchi, marinated sous vide asparagus, zucchini schnitzel


Bread & Cheese

Small cheese tasting

Homemade dried breads

Rhubarb chutney



Asparagus vanilla ice cream

Strawberries, rhubarb

Crunchy Buckwheat white chocolate chip

It was awesome

In summary, I can say that participating in the Dinner Club by Boris Lauser is definitely worthwhile. The price is currently at 80, – Euros including welcome drink and energized water. The wine pairing is available for 35, – Euros. This is certainly not affordable for everyone and reserved for special occasions. If you want to give yourself or a loved one a special treat, it is definitely a clear recommendation.

The quality of food is excellent, the compositions brilliant, the taste fantastic and the atmosphere cozy and informal. The icing of the cake are the interesting conversations with the other guests.


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Note: Special thanks to Boris Lauser for providing some of the photos.