Today I would like to tell you about a very special event, namely the Art & Pizza in Druckbar Wedding in Gerichtstraße. It is an event that basically takes place every Thursday evening.

How it works is explained quite simply. You buy a screenprint and get a pizza on top for free.

How Art & Pizza was born

The Berliners are known to be inventive and always have good ideas when it comes to leisure activities or celebrations. Leo, the owner of Druckbar Wedding, bought a pizza oven on ebay. It was as good as new. A stone oven of a well-known German manufacturer. Perfect.

Shortly thereafter, the idea was born to make a pizza night in his print studio. Since he has no restaurant license, a solution had to be found. This is how the concept, which has meanwhile existed for five years, came into being. When you buy the current art print, you get a pizza as a present.

Leo's Art & Pizza

Eat and drink

I think it is pretty clear that there is only pizza to eat at Art & Pizza. You can have it the way you like. First of all, you go to the bar and buy the current screen printing.

Art & Pizza preparation

You will then get an order coupon where you tick off what you want on your pizza. You can choose from mozzarella, gorgonzola, rucola, ham, salami, mild peppers, hot jalapeños, mushrooms, capers, anchovies and olives. The only basic ingredient that comes standard on the dough is the tomato sauce. Everything else you choose yourself. Thus, you can put together a vegetarian or vegan pizza without any problems.

By the way, you have to put your order laterally onto the pizza oven. There you will find large magnetic clips to which you attach the note. Don’t forget to put your name on the order! The waiting time can be estimated from the number of order forms already hanging on the side of the oven.

The beverage selection is quite large. On the non-alcoholic side you’ll find water, sodas and spritzers. The alcoholic drinks range from two red and two white wines, several types of beer, sparkling wine and long drinks to some shots.

The location

Also the location of Art & Pizza is special. As already mentioned, it is on the one hand the screen printing studio of the owner, which is located in the front room directly behind the entrance door. This room turns into a dining room for the Art & Pizza, and here also the pizza oven is located and the pizzas are prepared.

At the back to the left you get to the bar. Here you buy, as I said, your screenprint and get the order form for the pizza. At the bar, of course, you get your drinks as well. The room itself is actually the courtyard passage of the house, which can be seen well by the half-height tiled walls.

Art & Pizza the bar

On the other hand, at the back on the right, there is a dance hall. Here Lotta, the wife of Leo, gives Swing dance lessons. This hall is incidentally crossed if you have to go to the bathroom.


Address: Gerichtstraße 60, 13347 Berlin

Opening hours: Almost every Thursday from 7 p.m. till late. (Usually there is a winter break around Christmas and a summer break)

I recommend to take a look at the events section of the Facebook profil of Druckbar Wedding!


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