What makes Mezem special?

The Mezem is one of my absolute favorite places. In case I was in home office when I was still employed, the pleasant anticipation of having lunch at Mezem was always great. Often I met with a friend whose office is very close. Two birds with one stone.

Mezem sign Banu

The special highlight – here you can compose your meal as you please. A small plate for 6, – and a big one for 8, – Euros. For some, that may be a challenge. After all, you have to make a decision. Which is not easy with the huge selection of food. Let yourself be advised by the staff!

Everyday you will find freshly cooked hot meals with and without meat (e.g. goulash or vegetable pan) in addition Mezem offers various salads and spreads, Sigara Börek (Turkish cigars), vegetable rissole, etc.

For example, I love the big white beans in tomato sauce and the eggplant spread. Along with your meal you get Turkish flatbread and a black tea of course. A smile from the lovely owner, Banu, or her nice staff is on top of it.

Banu and Arnold at Mezem Schlüterstraße

Mezem offers takeaway service so you can have your meal at the office or at home. I’ve used the Mezem two or three times as caterer for parties at my place.

Where do you find Mezem?

The home of Mezem can be found in Kantsraße 124. A relatively small place. In the front room there are two or three high tables and in the back room a few tables to sit at. In the warm season there are three more tables available on the sidewalk.

Due to the great success and limited space, it was only a matter of time before a second store followed. This is located in Schlüterstraße 19. It consists of two nice guest rooms and a large kitchen. From now on the food is prepared there.


A paradise for vegans and non-vegans alike.


Address: Kantstraße 124 und Schlüterstraße 19, 10625 Berlin

Opening hours: Mon – Sat 12:00 – 6:00 p.m.