TRIVITYS in the beautiful Florastraße in Berlin-Pankow is a café and was founded by the wonderful Tsvetana Dinkova. In the background is the production of healthy delicacies and their distribution.

Thore Tsvetana Arnold im Trivitys
I became aware of Tsvetana’s shop through Thore Hildebrandt – known in Berlin for his savior dinners. I had been in online contact with Thore for a long time. My visit to TRIVITYS gave me the opportunity to finally get to know each other personally. Tsvetana and Thore came together in spring 2020 through a corona initiative and started a cooperation. In addition to Tsvetana’s “Healthy. Tasty. Natural.” offer, Thore contributed some exciting hearty foods to TRIVITYS. But more on that later.

I took the opportunity to interview both of them. However, the focus of this article is on TRIVITYS, which has its finger on the pulse of the times with its vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free foods. In Pankow it is a pioneer and at the same time pushes open doors.

The story of TRIVITYS

In a way, Tsvetana and I have something in common. Our path to a healthy, plant-based diet began with a personal blow of fate. With her it was even more personal because she was diagnosed with cancer in her early thirties. That completely changed her life and turned the career woman into a vegan nutritionist with her own restaurant.

Sport, meditation and healthy eating were the solution for Tsvetana. The name of her restaurant is also derived from this health-promoting rule of three. Tri means three and vita means life.

It opened on March 1, 2020 and we remember that it was shortly before the corona lockdown. Not an ideal time to open a restaurant. But just as Tsvetana has fought her health back, she apparently goes into business too. And I am sure that she will succeed with it.

The location

Trivitys Berlin der Innenraum
The search for a location was also an exciting story. Tsvetana lives in Wilmersdorf in the west of Berlin, not just around the corner from Pankow, which is in the very north. But apparently this place on Florastrasse wanted to be hers. She became aware of it through an ad on eBay Classifieds. The current owners were looking for a new tenant who would also take over the equipment. At first the shop was too big for Tsvetana. She canceled. But apparently the previous owners did not give up and at the third attempt Tsvetana decided on the shop and has not regretted it.

The ambience

Trivitys Gastgarten
The restaurant could be converted according to the needs. As you can already see on the previous picture, it has become a very friendly and bright room. The large windows let in a lot of light. There are some seating options to the left of the entrance, but also to the right of it. On the right side wall there is a shelf with delicatessen items, most of which come from their own production. Immediately behind it in the corner is the large counter with the cake showcase. Incidentally, most of the furnishings come from Vintique, who specialize in wooden crates. These serve as the starting material for various pieces of furniture.

In the background there is a large kitchen that can also be used for cooking events. In front of the building there is a guest garden stretching the entire length of the building and up to the sidewalk, as can be seen in one of the pictures.

What’s on the menu at TRIVITYS?

You will be really amazed here, because a large part of the menu is very unusual. As you have heard from the story of Tsvetana, the focus is clearly on healthy products made from natural raw materials in organic quality. Vegan, gluten-free and no added sugar. Tsvetana completed her training in the nutrition sector with Dr. Rüdiger Dahlke, who is known for his “Peace Food” and has written many books.


It starts with the “Sweet Morning“. That means that the day at TRIVITYS starts off sweetly. Banana bread muffins or overnight oats are the more popular things you’ll find here. Avo-berry layering cream made from raspberries, avocado, dates, almond butter and yogurt alternatives as well as DATYS brownies are probably not familiar to you. By the way, DATYS are the homemade sweet spreads that you can also take home in a jar or order online.


Trivitys veganer Käse, Cracker und glutenfreies Brot
It continues with the “Hearty Midday“. So lunch is on the savory side. You won’t find anything you can find here in any ordinary restaurant. For instance, “bread with spreads” what does not sound unusual at first glance includes home-baked, gluten-free bread, pea guacamole and beetroot-horseradish chutney. Incidentally, there are also two dishes that Thore contributed on the menu. Namely the “like egg salad” and “marinated, smoky carrot sammon“.

On the picture on the left you can see the cheese variations made from Bulgarian cashew soft cheese with homemade gluten-free protein bread, Thores protein crackers and avocado with cashew parmesan.

In the picture on the right you can see a platter with lots of samples that Thore prepared especially for my visit. We start at the bottom left of the olives and then continue clockwise: carrot green pesto, fermented leek, babaganoush, pea guacamole, sauerkraut, hummus. These products are then processed, for example, in the protein bowl with soft cheese alternatives, consisting of quinoa, peas, guacamole, tomatoes, carrots, Kalamata olives, sun-dried tomatoes, cheese alternatives, with olive oil and lemon dressing and protein bread.


Trivitys Raw Petits Elvis Weisse u Dunkle Schokolade
Among the desserts there is a special creation and trademark of TRIVITYS namely the “Raw Petits“, which can be described as raw food pralines. There are currently 6 different varieties and so-called superfoods are processed in all of them. In the picture on the left you can see the variant called Elvis made of light and dark chocolate. Another example is Sophia, which is made from wild blueberries and aronia.

Another TRIVITYS creation are the DATYS, which are not only used in some dishes, but can also be taken home in a glass (in sizes 150g and 215g). These are sweet spreads in the varieties cocoa, hazelnut-cocoa, cocoa-guarana and hazelnut-cocoa-maca-guarana.

TRIVITYS delicatessen

Trivitys Feinkost
With that we have arrived at the delicatessen corner. In principle, all dishes at TRIVITYS are available to take away, but these products are those that have a slightly longer shelf life and are therefore shipped throughout Germany. You can find more information about shipping here.

In addition to the DATYS already mentioned, you can currently find the following things on the delicatessen shelf:

The hearty spreads, pea guacamole, hummus and the beetroot-horseradish chutney.

The two homemade, gluten-free breads (protein and black cumin) in 500g and 1,000g can also be taken home if ordered in advance.

There is also the D’free soft cheese alternative.

As you can see in the picture on the right, there are also cooled drinks from Ostmost and Völkel available for take away. Furthermore you can get some snacks, oils, coffee and granola in the delicatessen area.


The drinks

As it should be in a café, there is of course coffee in all varieties and needless to say in organic quality. The latter also applies to the tea specialties. The third category of hot drinks is the “Organic Superfoods Latte“, such as an organic Matcha with cinnamon and cardamom.

Trivitys xxx Getränk
You will also find some unusual types of cold drinks. “Bio shots“, for example, which I only knew from Bali until now. There are the varieties ginger-lemon, turmeric-carrot and the fire shot. Freshly squeezed juices, the Immunity Booster, always contain a spicy component – either ginger or cayenne – and a little oil so that the fat-soluble vitamins can be better absorbed.

What you rarely get anywhere is homemade kombucha. I had one with strawberries.

There are of course also better-known drinks, for example from Völkel and Ostmost.


Cultural and culinary events take place in TRIVITYS every now and then. Vernissages and music evenings, for example. And cooking events, not least through the cooperation with Thore Hildebrandt, such as a zero waste cooking course.


A fantastic shop that wonderfully combines pleasure and health. You can feel how much passion the founder Tsvetana Dinkova put into every detail.

Here you will find a lot of things that you won’t find anywhere else in Berlin. This makes a visit to TRIVITYS in the beautiful Florakiez in Pankow a must for all explorers and connoisseurs.




Address: Florastraße 27, 13187 Berlin

Opening hours: Tue – Sun, 10 am – 6 pm

Phone: +49 30 499 07 990