If you love cheesecake, Princess Cheesecake is of course the right place for you. From New York cheesecake to German cheesecake, they have always got a nice selection of different variants. But, as you will see and read in a moment, Princess Cheesecake has a lot more to offer. Let yourself be surprised!

I had the opportunity to interview Nathalie Meyer, the right hand man of the owner Cornelia Suhr and Maximilian Bätz, operations manager in Tucholskystraße. There were many insights that I share with you in this blog article.

The story behind Princess Cheesecake

The founder, Cornelia Suhr, founded a PR agency at the age of 26, which she still operates today. She has traveled a lot and took inspiration for Princess Cheesecake from her travels. The idea behind it is to create a place where you can relax and do something good for body and soul.

Princess Cheesecake Backstube
Cornelia Suhr attached great importance to quality right from the start. All raw materials are bought in organic quality and are fair trade. The cakes are all hand made and decorated with a great portion of love. Every dish is fiddled with for a long time until the taste, consistency and appearance are right. As a result this guarantees excellent cakes and other dishes. You will feel it once you have been to Princess Cheesecake.

The shop at Tucholskystraße 37 in Berlin-Mitte was opened first. That was back in 2011. The store at Knesebeckstraße 32 in Berlin-Charlottenburg was added in spring 2018.

Food and drinks at the Princess Cheesecake

The cakes

Princess Cheesecake Mohnkäsekuchen
The cheesecake department is at the heart of the cake selection. As you could already see in one of the picture above, the palette ranges from New York Cheesecake to Katharinchen to German cheesecake and the poppy seed cheesecake shown next to here . The variations are almost endless.

But we are far from the end of this. The next big group are the tartes. Here you will find, for example, a lemon, a chocolate and a blueberry tart. All of them again first class processed and lovingly decorated. I think they are just beautiful, although they are not vegan, unfortunately. We’ll get to the vegan options in a moment. First of all you will find a short video next to here and a photo of the tartes also at the top.

The focus of my visit was of course on the vegan options. Nathalie and Max were very accommodating and presented me with everything that Princess Cheesecake has to offer here. The two talked very passionately about the development of new creations and also told me a few things that will come soon.

Princess Cheesecake vegane Petit Four Banane, Schoko
The vegan petit four are awesome. You could already see one in the pictures above. These small, round tarts have it all. It took a long time to fiddle around until everything was right and you can taste that. No matter which one I’ve tried so far, each one of them was amazingly delicious. In the photo next to here you can see a chocolate petit four cut in the middle with a passion fruit sauce topping and behind it the banana petit four with blueberry topping. The latter tasted particularly good and was wonderfully refreshing on a hot summer’s day.

There are other vegan petit fours with marzipan and cassis (black currant). A strawberry petit four is currently in the development phase.

What else is there to eat besides cake

Even if you just don’t feel like having cake – is that even possible? – you will find something at Princess Cheesecake. For example, you can have a delicious breakfast in the store in Charlottenburg on Saturdays and Sundays. Croissant with butter and homemade jam, vanilla quark with fresh fruits or eggs in a glass with chives, bread and butter. You can also get lunch in the shop in Charlottenburg, for example a Dal soup.

Princess Cheesecake Eiskrem von Rosa Canina
Especially interesting for the summer time, they are working on their own ice cream creation. But don’t worry, until the time comes, there are delicious ice cream flavors from Rosa Canina available that meet the high standards of Princess Cheesecake. Again, many are vegan, such as strawberry or lemon (see picture).

Cake to order

The cakes that are available as standard are not the limit. You can also have cakes made according to your wishes, for example for a birthday, wedding anniversary or Christmas. There is even the option of ordering the cake gluten-free.

Delivery and take away

As with all restaurateurs, the Corona crisis has also led to changes at Princess Cheesecake. Since Cornelia Suhr and her consistently young and international team are constantly creating new things and developing existing ones, they reacted quickly. The take away sales were increased and the delivery van that supplied the store in Charlottenburg was quickly converted into a delivery service vehicle.

Incidentally, the delivery service will continue to exist even after the Corona crisis. And of course you can not only have a delicious pastry delivered to yourself, but also to your friends and family in Berlin. Max told me that deliveries to the surrounding area are sometimes even made personally by him on foot.


Lets take a look at the drinks, which also come up with unusual things. There are of course the classic hot drinks. From espresso for € 2 to milk coffee for € 4.50. By the way, the coffee is sourced from Lebensbaum and the teas come from Samovar. You can also get chai latte, drinking chocolate and hot lemon, for example. In summer, coffee and tea are also available in iced form.

You can find juices and homemade lemonades among the soft drinks. You won’t find the otherwise widespread carbonated drinks here.

What you might not have expected, at Princess Cheesecake on Knesebeckstrasse you can also have your aperitif or drink a cocktail. For the summer they came up with Montecco on ice a combo of blood orange sorbet and Montecco Secco, a German sparkling wine. By the way, the latter one can be ordered separately. Besides that there are a few selected wines and sprakling wines available.

Vegan milk shakes are currently being developed. I’m really looking forward to it.

The atmosphere at Princess Cheesecake

Princess Cheesecake Kaffeepause
As I have already mentioned, the owner, Cornelia Suhr, attaches great importance to quality. This is also reflected in the interior design. Fair production conditions and sustainability are also very important here.

Princess Cheesecake Mitte Ambiente
The decor is bright and friendly and lets you relax. The furniture is covered with light-colored fabric, with a gray tone in Mitte and a pink tone in Charlottenburg. Like the dishes, they were made in Europe.

Incidentally, you can also sit outside at both locations. In Charlottenburg, the sidewalk in front of the shop is very wide, which means there is plenty of space in the front yard of the house. In Mitte the sidewalk is quite narrow, which is why the garden extends along the facade to the neighboring house.

The shop in Charlottenburg is a lot bigger overall. Instead, the one in Mitte has the higher ceilings and also houses production. You can call it transparent, because if you want, you can simply go back and take a look into the bakery through a large hatch. However, there are plans to expand the shop in Tucholskystraße and relocate production to the rear building. It would increase the number of seats significantly. This would make it much easier to comply with the requirements due to the Corona crisis in the cold season. I was told that the shop on Tucholskystraße has often been crowded in winter.


A visit to Princess Cheesecake is a getaway for body and soul. All food and drinks are of exquisite quality and a great pleasure. The ambience is friendly and elegant. An ideal place to escape from everyday stress.

If you want to treat yourself to something good, I can highly recommend Princess Cheesecake. The price-performance ratio is great for the quality offered. Try it out and write me how you liked it!



Info – Princess Cheesecake

Website: www.princess-cheesecake.de

E-mail: info@princess-cheesecake.de


Address: Tucholskystraße 37, 10117 Berlin

Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Phone: 030 28 09 27 60


Address: Knesebeckstraße 32, 10623 Berlin

Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Phone: 030 88 62 58 70