I got to know the vegan café Pêle-Mêle (read: Pel Mel) at Innstraße 26 in Berlin-Neukölln in 2018 through a friend. Now I had the opportunity to interview the owner, Maren Berens. Reason enough to finally write an article about this cool and cozy café.

The beginnings of Pêle-Mêle

This nice café in Berlin-Neukölln was opened in 2013. The name was originally just “borrowed” and was only intended to serve as a working title. But Maren told me that she soon couldn’t imagine any other name. So, despite many difficulties with the pronunciation, it remained with Pêle-Mêle. But nobody is angry with you if you say Pele Mele instead. They are used to it. By the way, the word is French and means something like mess or mishmash.

The location on Innstrasse has advantages and disadvantages. There are not as many walk-in customers as there are in busy streets, but the shop rent is much lower and there was a lot of freedom in the design of the premises. More on this in the “Style” section. Meanwhile the original disadvantage was put into perspective. Pêle-Mêle also attracts people from further afield, which speaks for the quality and popularity of this place. And people who are specifically looking for vegan cafés or restaurants will find their way there anyway.

A co-working room has been set up in the rear area. Although this is currently rented to someone for the time being, co-working is of course still possible in the rest of the restaurant. And except for brunch times, co-workers are very welcome guests. By the way, reservations are also possible. You can find the number to call in the information below.

The style

pele mele innen
The landlord gave Maren and her team a lot of freedom in the design of the rooms. For example, the unplastered part on one of the walls (see picture) or the exposed bricks in the passage to the co-working area and the toilets as well as that to the kitchen. The rest of the walls are plastered white, by the way.

pele mele außenbereich
The floor consists of light wooden floorboards. Tables and chairs are also made of wood and mostly painted white. All in all, it gives a bright and friendly impression.

In summer you can also sit outside in front of the café. Therefore small beer table sets are put up on the pavement, as you can see in the photo next to this.

Food and beverages at Pêle-Mêle

pele mele frühstück
At my first visit I was there for breakfast. The selection is large and relax, they offer the first meal of the day from morning to night. On the picture you can see the Pêle-Mêle breakfast, for instance. It consists of homemade spreads and jam, as well as antipasti, tofu, muesli, bread basket and a freshly squeezed orange juice. Incidentally, gluten-free bread is available for a small surcharge.

Also on the standard menu are sandwiches, ciabatta but also salad and a BBQ burger. The bagel on the picture at the top of this post also belongs to it, for instance. You can assemble the filling yourself from numerous components.

pele mele tageskarte
The offer is complemented by changing soups and daily specials, as you can see from the example of the daily menu on the blackboard in the picture. In addition to one or two soups, there are dishes such as quiches or curries. So this is also the ideal place for your lunch break and a healthy, inexpensive lunch.

Pele Mele Kuchen
What should not be missing in a coffee house are the pastries aka cakes and tarts, of course. No question there is a good selection of them available as well. You can find the daily offer in the display case, which you may have already discovered on one of the contribution pictures above. Next to this there’s a picture on which we take a closer look. The cakes and tarts are also available to take away and you can order one for your upcoming celebrations as well. More on this in the next section.

Among the drinks you will of course find the classics of a coffeehouse such as coffee and teas, chai and macha latte. Incidentally, the coffee is organic and fair trade. It comes from “Fairbindung” and can also be taken home in 250 g bags.

The soft drinks include homemade lemonades, fresh juices, smoothies and shakes.

Among the alcoholic beverages you will find beer from Quartiermeister and Pinkus – but there’s also non-alcoholic and gluten-free Lammsbräu available -, white, red and sparkling wine.

Good news. You can have delicious snacks and sandwiches delivered by Pêle-Mêle. Just click here* or on the following banner. Enjoy your meal!

Additional offers

Pêle-Mêle Asian noodle salad - Eat the World
I have already told you about the possibility of co-working. In addition, Pêle-Mêle offers vegan catering for all occasions and cakes or tarts to order – for your next birthday party, for example. You can place your orders personally in the shop or write an email. As always, you can find the contact details in the information below.

The café on Innstrasse has also been an Eat the World partner from the start and serves the participants with small samples (see picture). You can find out what that is exactly and what you can experience in the blog post “Eat the World – Neukölln“. I can highly recommend this to you.


Pele-Mele is a neighborhood café, a pilgrimage site for vegans and friends, a co-working café and an art venue. You can see that Maren Berens, the operator, is fully committed and has put a lot of passion into this place.

In the meantime, the shop has established itself and has become an integral part of the Neukölln food scene. I can highly recommend Pêle-Mêle.

If you now have decided to go there, then say Maren best regards from Arnold and that you became aware of Pêle-Mêle through Vegans And Friends. 🙂



Info – Pêle-Mêle

Address: Innstraße 26, 12043 Berlin, Germany

Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. (Status: July 2020)

Phone: 030 36 46 75 23

Email: kontakt@pele-mele-berlin.de


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