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Have you ever heard of the global field? No? Then you shouldn’t miss the online seminar “Global field for Kids”. Older children are also allowed to learn something new. This evening the focus is on climate, cow and you!

The global field actually does exist. It is located in the Blankenfelde-Pankow Botanical Park. You can get more information here.

Imagine if we divided the world’s arable land by the number of people on earth, then each person would have 2000 m². And everything has to grow on it in order to feed 1 person.

What is climate, cow and you about?

If you can’t visit the global field on a field tour, you’ve come to the right place!

The interactive, free online seminar lasts about an hour and is aimed primarily at children of primary school age.

Cows moo and eat grass! Sure right? Or is that not true? And what is actually going on with the digestion of cows? Why are their farts so harmful to the climate? And what actually is “climate”?

Taking part at the seminar (will be held in German)

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