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Berlinale 2020 BärThe Berlinale Street Food Market 2020 takes place under the huge wing roof of the Sony Center. Every day from 11.30 a.m. to 11 p.m. you can get food and drinks at five different food trucks. As a refreshment before, after or between Berlinale films or you just come by.

A special goodie, with your Berlinale Ticket you get a beer for € 1 together with your meal.

And here are the food trucks in detail. Left to right.

Gorilla Barbecue

Here you can get burgers and fries. More specifically, gorilla barbecue offers cheeseburgers at the Berlinale Street Food Market 2020 . A classic for € 7 and a vegan one for € 8.50. You can get fries for € 3, as well as beer and lemonaide. Water costs € 2.50.

Fräulein Kimchi

Would you like something more exotic? At Faeulein Kimchi, as the name suggests, you get kimchi – the Korean, spicy version of sauerkraut. Specifically, you get two veggie bowls here, namely the “Beefy Bowl” with organic soy bulgogi (bulgogi = Korean “fire meat”) and the “Bop Stop Bowl” with crispy tofu.

Both bowls come with rice, kimchi, pickled daikon (Japanese radish), greens, kochujang (Korean spice paste) and sesame. If you absolutely want to have animal protein, you can add an egg for € 1.


At Pecados you get empanadas and alfajores. Two hot empanadas of your choice are available for € 6.50. You can choose between feta & dried tomatoes, cheese & onions, spinach & ricotta and cheese.

Heißer Hobel

Here you can get allgäu cheese spaetzle (Käsespätzle). They describe it like this for the non German audience:

It’s like Mac n’cheese but actually it’s not… it’s so much better. We server a very traditionell southern German noodle dish. Our Spätzle are handmade and combined with the finest cheese our organic, family-run cheese dairy “Obermühle” in Bavaria has to offer. The Käsespätzle are topped with fried onions, black pepper and chives.


Berlinale Street Food Markt 2020 TeilnehmerFinally, a Mexican contribution. At Eddielicious you can get quesadillas in grilled corn tortillas:

  • al pastor with soy stripes, pineapple, cheese, herbs, salad and sour cream for € 7.50
  • de calabaza with pumpkin, walnuts, cheese, herbs, salad and sour cream for € 7.50 (glutenfree)
  • Frida with potato, paprika, cheese, herbs, salad and sour cream for € 7.50 (glutenfree)

And there are chiller killers, which are homemade nachos with avocado, salsa, cheese and sour cream for € 7.

Beer and Lemonaid are available for € 3 and water for € 2.50. Guacamole costs € 1 extra.


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